Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sail away with me...


(this table was my last lucky find, while still a resident of the Valley o' the sun)

Last night I had the strangest dream... I sailed away to China in a little rowboat to find ya... no I didn't really (those pesky 80's songs. They just pop up when you least expect it).

I actually dreamed that several of my blogging friends (and some that I just stalk) came to my house for a fun little blogging people's get together of sorts. It was a bit awkward if I'm speaking the truth because all of these women. that I admire. were in my house. My house. And one of my favorite designing bloggers was making a phone call IN MY ROOM. Most of you have met my room before (it looks a lot better these days. I'm slowly evolving) and it was in all of its disorganized glory in my dream. Thanks dream for making me feel like crumb after all I've done to try to change. Thanks a whole heck of a lot.

Anyway, then came the part when I was asked to show the blogging people persons some of the interesting things to do about town...-crickets chirping-... I had nothing. So my mind quickly transported us to the Valley of the Sun, my beloved (P.S. people from the Valley of the Sun never call it "the Valley" (except for the broadcasters on the evening news) I bring this up only because it bugged me in my dream that I was calling it that)

Safely in the warmth of my "Valley" home I turned to my guests and, with a happy gleam no less, announced that I would be taking one and all to my (brace yourselves) FAVORITE THRIFT STORE. Oooo. Rowdy. But when I googled it to find its location the address came up as being on the corner of Southern and Pecos (?) This hurt my head. Even away in dreamland IT HURT MY HEAD. "How can this be?" I questioned. "It simply doesn't compute." I groaned.
But the google map said it, right there-- Pecos and Southern--marked with a big, b0ld star. Well I knew good and well that Pecos and Southern are parallel running roads that DO NOT INTERSECT. so I caused myself to wake up. so I could prove to myself that I was right. And I was.

So what's the moral of this dream? Well I figure it can be one of three things...

1) I need to have a blogger people persons get together of sorts at my house.


2) I'm being chastened for not knowing more about the rich abundance (?) of fun things to do in the town where I now reside


3) I've been estranged from my "Valley" home and thrift stores for far too long and a trip is in immediate order. immediately.

Then again it could have been a dream no more profound than sailing away to China in a little row boat to find ya or some other such meaningless fiddle-faddle.

And yes I just said fiddle-faddle. And yes I kind of liked it.


Cedar said...

I'll sail away with you somewhere... how fun would that be?? I could use a break right now. I think they let 8 month pregnant women on cruise ships, don't they?

The Cranes said...

I think it's #3 for sure. That's funny how the non-intersecting roads messed with your head in your dream. It was a symbol of the frustration you feel about not having been to your favorite thrift store in way too long... And you're right--no one that lives in the "Valley of the Sun" calls it "the Valley." I noticed that the "mountain dwellers" in Arizona call it that when some of my best friends moved to Heber and Chino Valley and we visited them there. I thought it was strange that everyone in those places called my home "the Valley."

4boyzmdmom said...

That's what I think, too...definitely #3!!!