Friday, September 17, 2010

The bus stop of loveliness...


Today, whilst at the bus stop with Mr. Waylon, I was gifted a bag of rolls, home baked by my lovely neighbor. "I got to baking this morning..." She said. "And these are for you."

"Lucky me." I squealed. And I meant it too. I was hungry at the bus stop. And bread is my favorite food group.

Along with feeding my hungry belly, this act of kindness also confirmed to me what I had been feeling all day, which is this...

I need to make time to do the things I love each and every day. That's right I said each and every.

If I want more creative time then I need to "pencil in" more creative time.

If I want to get back to playing the piano... pencil it in lady. Pencil. it. in.

In other words I'm setting some goals for myself. That's right...goals. I'm taking charge of my time, prioritizing, and living each day to the fullest.

And someday. Yes, someday. I'm going to be able to gift others with bags of homemade goodness, of one form or another, to brighten their days too.

Yes I am.


Marcie said...

Ooooo Those rolls look beautiful. Lucky you!

Lene said...

How sweet of her to just "Do It"