Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breaks over...

(Norman's mom)

Once upon a time...mostly back while my oldest three were little... I oozed creativity. Creativity was my life's breath. I wrote, painted, decorated, reupholstered furniture, sewed, made crafts, sold crafts and created precious family heirlooms for my kiddos (to name a few).

Fast forward to now...

The other night my younger three pulled my canvas "monster" book (that I never finished sewing together) out of a memory box and squealed with delight (okay so they didn't squeal but they were very excited to look at it, pass it around and touch every page) "What is this?" They asked. Had I really never shown it to them? "It's a story I wrote when Landon was little." I told them. "Wow!" They exclaimed. "Did you paint these pictures yourself."

"Yes. It's a story about a little monster named Norman who is afraid of children." I explained. "Would you like to hear it?" We sat down and read the story of Norman (incidentally, when Monsters Inc came out my kids were quite convinced that they had stolen my idea. cute) and afterward I thought...What the heck am I doing with my life? Why have I abandoned creativity? Why?

And now I CRAVE creativity. Yes, I needs me some creative time RIGHT NOW.

Anyone want a canvas book? I'll make you one. And maybe I'll even sew it up for you too.


Brandy@YDK said...

from the picture - it looks awesome!

4boyzmdmom said...

Wow! That little book looks so cool!