Monday, February 16, 2009

19 years...

Today we celebrate 19 years.
19 ever so incredible years.

On Saturday we celebrated by taking a day trip to Flagstaff where we had an amazing time.
And on this our official day we went to my mother-in-law's for dinner and family night (very nice)
and when we got into our car to come home
Our very song, on the radio, the minute we turned on the car. How cool is that.
I guess that proves it,
we were meant to be.
But then we already knew that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A wardrobe malfunction for my ward...

I wore this simple black dress to church today.
The picture of modesty in sleeve, hem and neck.
Until, forgetting that this is a wrap around dress I walked into
the oh so windy outdoors and with a sudden whoosh
the entire parking lot.
Yes I did.
And to make matters worse,
in direct view of my wardrobe malfunction
were two full time missionaries innocently heading into church.
Yes, I flashed the missionaries
along with various men, women and children from my ward.
I did have a slip on (thank heavens) but still,
did I really want to be spied by all wearing only a slip?
No I didn't.
So now I know that wrap around dresses
and oh so windy small towns
do not work well together.
No they don't.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

True romance...

Tuesday, February 10th ~
I think it would be romantic to...
I think it would be romantic to have a husband who, while I am out of town for the day, cleans the entire house spotless, gives the kids the best day of their lives, and helps them write sweet cards for my return.

Oh wait, I do have a husband like that.
Now that's TRUE romance baby.

Waylon went to sleep with my card in his hands because he didn't want it to get lost.
There is seriously nothing cuter to come home to.

It is also very romantic to have a husband to take care of me when I'm sick.
Strep throat struck me yesterday and Rick, as usual, has taken such good care of me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want fabulous...

I've heard it said time and again whether it be spoken by one who is 40, 60, or 80, "I don't feel old. Inside I feel as young as a child." Which might explain why I have chosen to mark my progress into ultimate adulthood with the foil star reward system of childhood.
I am very excited about my ever nearing passage to that oh so grown up number 40. I feel that when I reach it I will have arrived. Where exactly I do not know, but I'm excited just the same. But I don't want to "arrive" simply as a one day older version of my 39 year old self, I want to be fabulous. The most fabulous 40 I can be. This is where my new chart comes in.

My fabulous by 40 chart. A countdown to my new age and my new fabulousness.

Each day of the month has been sectioned off into four categories.
Spiritual~ study scriptures and other inspiring works
Physical~ exercise (yuck)
Temporal~ household and other such goals
Personal~ for me this means write, write, write
So far my chart is working very well. I've become quite obsessed with earning those stars. Today I went to play group and didn't get all of my temporal goals done so after dinner I told Rick that I had to finish vacuuming the upstairs. He told me that it would wait for me to do it tomorrow. "But if I wait until tomorrow I won't get a star for today." I told him.
This may seem silly but you must realize that the whole reason for me having this chart is that I am very much a wait til tomorrow kind of girl. So if I don't monitor myself my tomorrows will all pass by and I'll reach 40 without being fabulous and what fun would that be?
Because of my chart I have exercised everyday, I have studied my scriptures everyday and Yes, I did vacuum the upstairs tonight.
Look out 40 here I come
And you can bet your foil stars
it's going to be fabulous!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

True love...

In honor of Valentine's Day this months Spts will focus on the significant other in our lives...

Tuesday, February 3rd ~ I love it when you...

Tuesday, February 10th ~ I think it would be romantic to...

Tuesday, February 17th ~ The first thing that attracted me to you was...

Tuesday, February 24th ~ I am saying "I love you" when I...


I love it when you...

I couldn't get a picture with my love today, but here I am holding one of his work shirts because he is my favorite sign guy. I love it when he helps me out with his sign making skills.

Like when I called him last week and asked him to bring home these "fabulous by 40" letters for my new goal chart (I'll post about that tomorrow).
I also love that he is so supportive of all of my ideas. Such as my new fabulous by 40 goal chart. And that when I tell him things like I want to be fabulous by my fortieth birthday he says, "You are already fabulous. If you get any more fabulous I won't know what to do."
I love it when he flatters me so.
And oh does he flatter me so.

I love it when he calls me during the day, when he comes home at night, when he compliments my cooking, my cleaning, my legs, my life. What can I say, this man loves me. And I LOVE the way he loves me.
How did I get so lucky?