Sunday, February 15, 2009

A wardrobe malfunction for my ward...

I wore this simple black dress to church today.
The picture of modesty in sleeve, hem and neck.
Until, forgetting that this is a wrap around dress I walked into
the oh so windy outdoors and with a sudden whoosh
the entire parking lot.
Yes I did.
And to make matters worse,
in direct view of my wardrobe malfunction
were two full time missionaries innocently heading into church.
Yes, I flashed the missionaries
along with various men, women and children from my ward.
I did have a slip on (thank heavens) but still,
did I really want to be spied by all wearing only a slip?
No I didn't.
So now I know that wrap around dresses
and oh so windy small towns
do not work well together.
No they don't.


Darce said...

Wardrobe malfunction or not, I didn't tell you that I thought you looked nice today. I liked that dress.

The Cranes said...

That would be embarrasing but it is a really great dress!

MaryRC said...

it only happens to the best of us! i bet rick unconsciously wished the wild wind for his own eyes... so you can call it a wish malfunction. :-)

My personal favorite church malfunction was when Rae was a baby and she stuck her finger in a closing VERY heavy door and I yelled "OH F-BOMB" in a hall-way full of people. yea the convert card works well in time like these. :-)

4boyzmdmom said...

Wrap-around skirts don't handle wind well, either. I think I flashed a few people running into the temple once during a wind / rain storm. At least I'll never see them again! And everybody else is look great in that dress!

Missy :o) said...

sorry, I am giggling... glad I'm not the only one. :o)

Herbsgirl said...

Haaaa Haaa! Perfect! Could not have happened at a better time...I am sure that Missionary was smiling all thru church.

Kmcaldwell said...

oh that really stinks!!!!!!! but i do love that dress. i feel sooo bad for you. But on the bright side its a sunday you'll never forget