Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want fabulous...

I've heard it said time and again whether it be spoken by one who is 40, 60, or 80, "I don't feel old. Inside I feel as young as a child." Which might explain why I have chosen to mark my progress into ultimate adulthood with the foil star reward system of childhood.
I am very excited about my ever nearing passage to that oh so grown up number 40. I feel that when I reach it I will have arrived. Where exactly I do not know, but I'm excited just the same. But I don't want to "arrive" simply as a one day older version of my 39 year old self, I want to be fabulous. The most fabulous 40 I can be. This is where my new chart comes in.

My fabulous by 40 chart. A countdown to my new age and my new fabulousness.

Each day of the month has been sectioned off into four categories.
Spiritual~ study scriptures and other inspiring works
Physical~ exercise (yuck)
Temporal~ household and other such goals
Personal~ for me this means write, write, write
So far my chart is working very well. I've become quite obsessed with earning those stars. Today I went to play group and didn't get all of my temporal goals done so after dinner I told Rick that I had to finish vacuuming the upstairs. He told me that it would wait for me to do it tomorrow. "But if I wait until tomorrow I won't get a star for today." I told him.
This may seem silly but you must realize that the whole reason for me having this chart is that I am very much a wait til tomorrow kind of girl. So if I don't monitor myself my tomorrows will all pass by and I'll reach 40 without being fabulous and what fun would that be?
Because of my chart I have exercised everyday, I have studied my scriptures everyday and Yes, I did vacuum the upstairs tonight.
Look out 40 here I come
And you can bet your foil stars
it's going to be fabulous!


Missy :o) said...

what a great way to celebrate your 40th year!! way to go!! :o)

4boyzmdmom said...

What a great idea! My "foil stars" are checkmarks. Checkmarks in my planner! I LOVE checking off my "to do" list every day!

Darce said...

You're awesome!

MaryRC said...

oh i love it! i need my checklists, once i write one out, i love to cross things off of it. its such a motivator, i can see the accomplishment, and i write every little thing down, and have even been known to do something, write it down and immediately cross it off.. i know im a dork!

btw, you will be fab regardless..