Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love in an elevator, well blog love that is...

Writer's Workshop Prompt:

According to Wikipedia an Elevator Pitch is “an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project. The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride. Create an Elevator Pitch describing what your blog is about.


I recently learned that the words, "I'm thinking about quiting blogging" are not a good pitch. No not at all. My husband said I mustn't, my kids were upset, my loyal readers were oh so sweet and supportive. Thank you. So for now at least, it looks as if the blog's gonna stay (me thinks).

And while considering this I started thinking that maybe I would start another blog as well (because when you barely have time to keep up with one blog what's the best thing to do? Well start a second one of course).

This second blog would be strictly for my deep thoughts and daily ponderings. There I would share fabulous quotes and what nots that I find through my daily studying

Like this quote found in my C.S. Lewis journal in Words For This Day:

All fortune is good--whether be it harsh or be it pleasing... yet I know not who would dare to say so to foolish men, for no fool could believe it.

~Charles Williams, quoting Boethius in THE DESCENT OF THE DOVE

I would share quotes like that and then I would tell you why it makes my spine all tingly and happy when I read it and why I know it's true and how it has changed my life. This is what my new blog would be about and I would try to post daily (because it would benefit me greatly to post of such things daily).

In having a new blog, those who want to read my deep thoughts and ponderings can, and those who don't can stay here and read about why it is that my kids insist on peeling the paint off of the walls.

Seriously. Why?

But of course this is only an idea that I'm playing with. I might just decide to stay right here to post my deep thoughts and ponderings when I feel so inclined (sorry to those who don't like deep thoughts and ponderings, but then again if you don't you probably left me a long time ago). I don't know what I'll do for sure, but I can't really ask my amazing blog designer Mary to set up another blog for me for FREE again. And I ain't gots no money. Can you relate? I bets you can. So we'll just have to wait and see. Yes we will.

How's that for an elevator pitch, "Read my blog because I have no idea what I'm doing."

Catchy dontcha think.

Mama's Losin' It


erica said...

I used to have 4 blogs. Four.

It's kind of crazy because you want to really brand one blog, and not put yourself out there too much too fast.

My thoughts? Focus on one. Create a separate page for the topic and do what you do best!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Not that you asked me.......but I would stick with one and post whatever makes your spine tingle that day - it might be your inner thoughts, it might be your outer screams at your kids, it might be the mutterings under your breath.
Afterall, it's your blog! ;)

4boyzmdmom said...

I have a big "peeled off spot" like that at my house, Jared's room. He insists he has no idea how it got there!!!

Marcie said...

Is it OK for me to shout "Yea!!!"? I will love whatever you chose to post.

Maureen said...

I used to have too many blogs too, there's one on blogspot that I made years ago and can't even access to now because I accidentally deleted the email account I used there LOL. But now I'm focusing on one, it's too hard and time consuming to manage more than one (that's just my 2 cents anyway) Great writing btw :)

MaryRC said...

ill read both for sure