Monday, January 4, 2010

au dieu two week party, au dieu...

My house is so quiet
Waylon's still sleeping
The others are back to school
It's strange I tell you
Oh well
Guess I'd best get busy...

...Cleaning up Christmas
The decorating part is much more fun
But too bad, so sad
The time has come and the party is over
Wish me luck
At least the Christmas tree is already gone.


MaryRC said...

it was SO SO great hanging with you guys again. we really enjoyed ourselves and totally wished i didnt have to work. let seriously plan to see each other very soon. for reals, not for fake.

Marcie said...

I love decorating for Christmas, but I always regret it when I have to pack it back up. OK, maybe not REGRET, but it isn't a lot of fun. I hope it goes quickly for you...

Jessica B said...

Our tree is still up and beginning to drop needles... When you are done with your house will you come do mine? :D My husband just asked last night how long I thought we should leave the outdoor lights up.... May? June?

I too am glad you & Mary were able to get together. How fun!!

Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful being with you and all the family.....thanks for letting everyone hang out and 'trash' your house. You and Rick are great sports....lots of fun,and oh yes, gooood cooks! Love you all. Mom

The Cranes said...

I hate when Christmas vacation ends, too, and the kids have to go back to school. I also find it sad to "undecorate" the house. I finally got all my Christmas stuff put away last night. Good luck!

4boyzmdmom said...

I'd have a hard time putting those decorations away...they look GORGEOUS!!!