Friday, August 7, 2009

Read between the lines...

“You wrote about your ex-boyfriends?” He asked. “Are you sure there’s not a cryptic message in there?”

“You obviously didn’t read what I wrote.” I laughed. “That would be some cryptic message.”

Dear ex-boyfriend(s),

We had a relationship made for TV, maybe not Jerry Springer worthy, but a shoo-in for Dr. Phil.
We made each other miserable and I cried a lot.
Life (true life, happy life) for each of us began the moment we broke up.
In other words… I love you.
Call me (867-5309)


I then snuggled up to the true love of my life and said, “Here’s a cryptic message. What does this mean to you?”

Yadda, yadda, yadda… He went to bed with no more worries and a smile on his face.

Man I love that guy.

So here’s my new message:

Dear ex-boyfriend(s),

I have deleted all reference to you on my blog (even though my husband told me not to after reading my posts because he says I’m an amazing writer—I like hearing that from him).
And I promise never to mention you again, even if it fits perfectly into my story, because I certainly don’t want to be accused of anything shady ( and or therapy worthy).
But because each chapter of my life flows into the next, making me who I am—I can’t promise that you will never show up in one of my novels, but I will try to make you the handsome antagonist instead of the grizzly ogre because I’m nice like that.
Life ain't nothin' if it ain't interesting.
So very, very interesting.


Kat said...

They do play an important role, but it is all in the past. I love what you wrote, and am glad the hubby got it. :)

Marcie said...

It's true. Former boyfriends (good or bad) help create the person you are today. I know that I'm grateful for a few of the good ones. Most of all it taught me how to find Ryan.

The Cranes said...

Jeanette, you are so funny! Thanks for the laugh.
Recently, one of my ex-boyfriends found me on facebook and we have chatted a few times and sent a few long e-mails back and forth. Just catching up, we were friends for years after we "broke up." He told me in one of the chats that he had learned a lot of things from me while we were dating that has helped him have a great marriage now. We are both very happily married with four kids apiece. But I will delete him as a friend on facebook in 1 second flat if I ever get even an inkling that my husband wants me to. I make sure my husband knows regularly that he is the one and only love of my life!

TheSingleGirl said...

I LOVE this post.


Although, I will admit...I read it once and was like "Oooh, girl, don't post your phone number!", but I haven't had enough caffeine today, so...


Shellie said...

Yup, it is interesting... Love your letters.