Thursday, August 27, 2009

My forever...

WRITERS WORKSHOP PROMPT: Tell us about your crush

The first crush I can remember was in seventh grade (I know there were others before that because I skipped right over the “boys have cooties” stage and started crushing on them right away) he asked me to “go with him” (well his friend asked for him) and I whole-heartedly agreed (he was so cute). Even though he dumped me for the next pretty young thing that moved in we seemed to keep this little crush thing going for each other for years. It was fun. Although we never went out again, (aside from the one summer night in high school when we made out. fun.) my heart would still flutter a bit when I saw him and I could tell by the expression on his face that his did too.

I don’t remember any high school crushes. No specifics anyway. I know there were many a boy that I thought was HOT (did we say “hot” back then? I can’t remember), many who I held at a glance, staring deeply before looking away (do you remember doing that? So fun.) But who did I crush on? Hey Heidi, did I crush on anyone in particular?

Yes I know I had high school boyfriends, but I can’t really say that we spent anytime crushing on each other. I normally met my beaus in class or at an event of some sort where we’d talk, become friends (sorta) then (in most cases) I’d ask them out, yes I am a very modern woman. I asked guys out, usually to dances, but sometimes to other places or events where we’d ensnare each other with our lips, becoming a “forever” couple for the next few weeks at least. Because my name is Jeanette and I am a kiss-o-holic (I almost said former, but I still love to kiss only now I limit my kissing to one feller) and I’m not afraid to admit that because there are worse things than being a kiss-o-holic, course there are better things too but whatever.

And to save myself from having to write another post to my girls and other young people who read this blog, let me just tell you that kissing is a very stupid reason to start a relationship. Get to know a guy first. Find out if you have anything in common besides kissing. Yes, that would be a very good idea.

But that’s neither here nor there because my biggest crush, the one that changed everything, came later in college when a young man walked past my desk and angels sang (they really did) they sang and I was hooked. He was all I wanted all I thought about. He made me want to hang up my kissing lips (for other fellers at least) and when I didn’t and kissed another boy from the Spanish class we shared I cried to my BFF Heidi, “But I like someone else in our class.”
“Who, Rick?” She guessed. Was I that transparent? Oh yes, I had it bad.

So I pulled myself up by my modern girl bootstraps and asked him out. Only this time I saved my kiss-o-holic lips for talking, laughing and never ending smiles. We didn’t kiss at all that night but when he held my hand in his I felt the surge of a thousand kisses, becoming his “forever” girl (in my heart) right there on the spot. It was the crush to end all crushes. A crush that I took with me when I went away to college, a crush that remained in my heart when I temporarily lost my way, and a crush that leapt right out of my chest when I returned to find his loving arms opened and waiting to take me in again.
And the warmth in my cheeks as I write this post tells me that I really am his “forever” girl, still crushing on him 20 years later.

Of course it doesn't hurt that he's a great kisser too.

(our reunion kiss when he came up to see me at college. He drove all the way up to Idaho to spend the weekend with me. Hmm, seems he had it pretty bad too...)


4boyzmdmom said...

That's sweet...great story!

Old House, New Look said...

Great post! Love that you "hung up" your kissing lips for the keeper...and made him work for it!

Tara said...

I could fill books with the crushes I've had! In most cases, they stayed just that--crushes.

Unknown Mami said...

"...angels sang" how wonderful is that? Glad he's a good kisser.

That Girl said...

awww how sweet!
thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

shortmama said...

What a sweet story!

Dan said...

Great story.

Ours is a parallel - we met in high school, went separate ways in college and then came back together while in college and separated by 2000 miles. That was close to 40 years ago and it is still going strong.

Thanks for dropping by today.

Jessica said...

Is Marlee taking notes???

~~Mel~~ said...

What an adorable love story!

MaryRC said...

...i wanted to pass out the first time i kissed mike, he was the worstest of the worst, harded crushes i EVER had!! you remember... i cried to you, over and over again about it..