Monday, May 31, 2010

Tiny tantalizing tidbits for you to enjoy...

So I decided to participate in some memes this week. What's a meme you ask? Well I'll tell you (now that I learned myself. Apparently there's a world of blogging lingo out there that one must learn) A meme is when a blogger has a good idea for a post, shares it, people write about it on their own blog and everyone gets together to read each other's take on the theme (btw, I ripped off that explanation from Paige at Life is a Phoenix. Thanks Paige).


Today I will join in with the Un Mom for Random Tuesday Thoughts (yes I know the date on my post says Monday. That's because I happen to be writing this on Monday, but you'll most likely be reading it on Tuesday so it's all good).

Anyway, random Tuesday thoughts are just that--random thoughts. So lets play along shall we.


Because my oldest chicken is preparing to fly the nest, we decided to have family pictures taken. The above is a sample of said pictures. Love it. Only, for reasons I don't want to get into, we can't blow this family picture up into a large and beautiful wall hanging. So on Friday we dressed up in our picture taking clothes (again) and traveled for a photo session (again). I'm hoping the new pictures turn out but it was so windy that day that I'm a little nervous about it.

Also the oldest chicken's hair is chopped off short in the new pictures and Waylon
(the youngest chicken) couldn't move his head so I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

Friday morning, just hours before the photo shoot, Waylon decided to jump on the trampoline while holding our dog Jack on a leash. All was well until Jack saw a rabbit, sailed off of the trampoline in hopes of catching it and took Waylon with him. Fabulous. Waylon said he flew up higher than the swing set before slamming into the ground with his face, which is why he couldn't move his head for the pictures. It was bad timing for him to engage in such a little boy stunt, but I am grateful that he wasn't hurt any worse.

I must be growing up because my visit to the Valley of the Sun didn't excite me quite as much this time. And
(brace yourselves) I didn't have any desire to go to yard sales while I was there (I ended up going anyway when Waylon and my nephew woke up early and needed to get out of the house so the others could sleep, but I only bought a couple of needed items). I'm just so sick of stuff. SICK OF IT. I'm done with stuff and want to throw all of my existing stuff away. Yes I do.

I hate driving on cruise control. It makes me feel out of control. My husband said,
"Set the cruise control."

I said, "OK." Then, "Yuck, I don't like this." Then,
"Crap, why is the car making that racing noise when I'm not even touching the gas?"

My husband said,
"It's climbing a hill."

I said, "I don't like cruise control." And turned it off.

My husband said, "I'm not tired anymore. Let me drive." My husband likes to drive. Me, not so much
(obviously), which is another reason we are living in happily ever afterness.

My house is full of extra chickens tonight because it's summer and that's how we roll in the summer. We invite extra chickens to come spend the night. But tonight we invited five extra chickens and it's been a little crazy in the coop. But only a little crazy and nothing I can't handle because I'm a super tough chic like that
(tough as in nothing bothers me not as in children fear me. No children fear me, but apparently they respect me because all is quiet now and I think they might actually be asleep). L-O-V-E summertime.


Marcie said...

I LOVE your family picture. I like the personality in it-and of course, you all look wonderful.

I love the idea of Random Tuesday Thoughts because all of my thoughts are pretty random. I think I could really excel on this one...

Heidi J said...

I love your picture. That stinks you can't blow it up. I hope your next ones turn out.

I am with you on the stuff thing, maybe we should have a big yard sale together! Oh, and.. YAY for summer!

Brandy said...

I LOVE that picture - I really hope the new one turns out as well or better.

Stoddard Family said...

I also love that picture. I hope Waylon's neck feels better soon.

Kerry said...

Nice picture of your flock. I also hate cruise control. It isn't summer yet in OR and I'm a little jealous. Good buncha randomness.

CaJoh said...

Hearing about cruise control reminds me of those urban legends of people who set the cruise control thinking that it's like auto-pilot and crash their car. You have every right to not like it. I know that I normally don't use it, but on those occasions where my foot is crammed on the pedal for hours at a time I am glad that I can take my foot off and give it a break for a while.

Thanks for your randomness,

LiLu said...

I love summertime too! Despite my farmer's tan I got from a baseball game on Saturday... :-)

Lene said...

Super cute family picture.

I am a big fan of cruise control.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Your family picture is so cute!!! We took family pictures this week - extended family and it was windier than the Wizard of Oz. I'm glad that I don't care since we're missing one son and I'm not planning on investing a lot anyway.
love the random!

Travel & Dive Girl said...

First - thanks for visiting my blog.

Second - You have a gorgeous family. My only "chicken" is also preparing to leave the nest - he's off to college in the fall. I'm not sure how I'll "deal" when the time comes, but only time will tell.

VandyJ said...

Nick does most of the driving here too. Mostly because he is a horrible back seat driver. He goes nuts not being in control of the car, so instead of getting annoyed with him, I let him drive.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Welcome to your first RTT! Beautiful picture and beautiful family!

Jessica B said...

Gorgeous location! Our train tracks have ZERO greenery by them. That stinks that you had to do retakes. Hope all turns out well, even with the loss of Landon's cute hair and poor Waylon's neck. That story of him & the dog is so sad! Ouch!!!