Sunday, May 3, 2009

Freckle Power...

I took this picture of Easton's black eye a month or two ago. It was taken a few days after she got her shiner from slipping in the bathroom and hitting her eye on the corner of a cabinet door, so it doesn't really show how bad it was. But what it does show are all of her delicious freckles. I just love those freckles. So cute.
Easton loves her freckles too. She is such a strong, confident, amazing little girl. I really admire her sense of self worth. A couple of years ago she even wrote a poem about her freckles.
Pick a freckle off a tree
Freckles will-a- fall on you
When the freckles fall on you
You will look-a- great- a- too.
Easton is my little writer. She is so creative and imaginative. Her work keeps me smiling all of the time. And with April being National Poetry Month, I am proud to announce that Easton completed a poetry challenge given on the Writer's Digest poetry blog, Poetic Asides.
The blog gave a poetry prompt for each day in the month of April and Easton completed all thirty poems (I only got to day 13).
I am so proud of her for her perseverance and for the fun poems that she wrote.
Because of the large volume of poems that were posted during the challenge she won't receive her certificate of completion until July, but I couldn't wait until then to tell you what an amazing job she did. I'm sure she is the only one her age to take the challenge let alone complete it.
Way to go Easton.
I wish I was more like her.
Then maybe I would have finished too.


4boyzmdmom said...

Beautiful freckles and beautiful girl! I will have to check out that blog!

MaryRC said...

yay for easton, that is an amazing feat. why is it our girls are so motivated, i want some of that...

TheBMillers said...

We call freckles angel kisses in our house