Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blue is for boys...

Tuesday May 26 ~
Something Blue
Nine boys. That was my order, preferably one at a time (my sister had twin boys so I knew better than to ask for that). I can’t really say why I wanted to be the mother of nine boys, I’ve just always loved them. My baby dolls and my favorite foster babies were all boys. There’s just something about little boys that makes my heart smile.
Because of this I thought my heart would burst with joy when I found out that my first-born would be a boy. A snakes, snails and puppy dog tails, blue wearing BOY!
I knew that raising a boy would be a dream, and it has been, but what I didn’t even consider is that it would come with the bonus of having a wonderful young man when I was through.
The man that my boy has grown into is a delight to me. He is a man of faith and integrity. He is a chivalrous man who respects women and always goes out of his way to tell me that I look pretty or that he enjoyed a meal that I prepared for him. He is a hard working, kindhearted man who gives help and service with or without being asked (he just surprised me with a clean kitchen when I came home last night). He is a man who will serve diligently for two years on his mission then continue to do God’s work throughout his life. He is a man who will make his future wife very happy and who will be a righteous, loving father.
He is a man of God and I couldn’t want for anything more, except…
A little over five years ago as I listened to an uplifting talk in church about the miracles experienced by a man while serving his mission, my heart became very full with the desire to raise another boy unto the Lord. I was very grateful for the boy I had been given, but I so badly wanted to help raise another of God’s faithful servants. As I whispered this desire the spirit overwhelmed me with joy. Of course having, many years before, resigned to the fact that I would never again have a boy, and knowing that Rick and I were quite done having children, I quickly dismissed the feeling as just a confirmation that the Lord appreciated my desire, but that it was not to be.
How silly of me to suppose to know more than the Lord because some months later, even though I had not planned, and had even tried to prevent it, I became pregnant, with a BOY! My prayer had been answered, and now I pray that I will live up to what I had desired to do and raise this boy into the man of God that he was born to be.
In the meantime, I sure am enjoying those snakes, snails, puppy dog tails, and the color blue again. My but boys are fun.

P.S. Raising righteous daughters of God is every bit as important as raising righteous boys, and is a job that I take very seriously as well. This just happens to be a post about boys, that’s all.


Gayle said...

I love reading your thoughts and feelings about raising a righteous boy/man and celebrate your doing just that for Landon seems to be all that you might desire in a son and wish that I could know him.

Good job! Keep doing it!

MaryRC said...

you are so lucky to have such an awesome man in landon. he really has blossomed into something wonderful.

The Cranes said...

I hope my boys turn out as well as Landon. I had my girls first, so my boys are only 8 and 4. You love your boys and your girls the same, but the love feels different. I'm glad I've been blessed to experience both.

TheBMillers said...

it's such a wonderful feeling seeing your children grown into adults.. all that hard work does pay off


Miss Risa's House said...

I love what you wrote about your boys! Im sorry but when I see you with the blanket up to your nose. I think ... maybe because I take care of three 2yr olds! That you are trying not to smell a dirty diaper!