Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fabulously 50...

While attending church today, a good friend of mine generously complimented me by saying that my new hair do makes me look 20 years younger. I mistakenly said, "That means I'm only 29."
We laughed then headed out to our cars. Realizing my mistake I turned to her and said, "I mean 19. I'm only 19."
"I was gonna say, you're not 49." She laughed.
So now everyone who was within earshot of our conversation in the church lobby thinks that I am 49, but I'm thinking that's not such a bad thing.
I've always wondered why when women lie about their age they make themselves younger. I think if we're going to lie we should make ourselves older. If I lie, claiming to be only 29, one may look at me and say, "My she hasn't aged very well at all." But if I lie and say that I'm turning 50 this year instead of 40, this might be viewed as quite impressive indeed.
So scratch off all that I have said about becoming fabulous by forty because I am changing it to fabulous by fifty, seeing as how that'll be my age come August-- 50!
I look pretty good for 50 if I do say so myself.
Now my little wrinkles don't seem bad at all.
Man, I like being 50.
Now for some girls that don't have to lie about their age because they are still fabulously young and beautiful.
As promised, here are some pictures of Paige and Marlee's cute new hair.

Paige got bangs and a few long layers.
Simply gorgeous.

And Marlee went for spunky, short and fun (of course now she wants to get some bold color added to make it even more spunky funky) no average hair will work for this girl.
So cute.
What fun we had at our late night hair-a-palooza. I love having daughters.
Please excuse the blurry picture. If my hubs asks what I want for my 40, I mean 50th birthday tell him that I really want a new camera.
Pretty please with sugar on top.


TheShumWAYS said...

Love the hair cuts! You all look fabulous!

lisaschaos said...

Love the hair! I agree, I think I'll start saying I'm 60. :) But I guess it will really hurt if people say, "Wow, I thought you were about 45!" (I'm only 42) lol

Erika said...

Your girls are so darling. I have serious pink envy, but I love my boys...they make me feel 50.

heidi j said...

I love Marlee's hair! It would look so good with some color in it. Last time I saw a picture it was super long so it's quite a change!

heidi j said...

Oh and, you do look great for 50!

MaryRC said...


MaryRC said...

check your email again

Jeanette said...

i have to go to work, lemme know if you want any changes.. happy birthday, merry christmas, and happy anniversary!

Jeanette said...

oops.. sorry..

MaryRC said...

i did it again! sheesh

Shellie said...

Cute hair, and I agree, why lie? There is no shame in aging :)

Melinda said...

Way cute hair to all of you! I love a new change! Makes life more interesting! Don't think that I will forget what you said about "better than the city" any time soon!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the new hair girls. Send me an email pic so I can put them in my computer slideshow at work. I love looking at my kiddos. So cute.

Missy :o) said...

you are so right! We should be proud of our age. you look good for fifty!!

love the new cuts!