Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting BACK in shape...

For May's SPT challenge Lelly went back into the vault to an spt challenge she really loved.
I remember it well not only because it was a fun one, but also because it was during that challenge that I became a brunette. Who knows maybe this time around I'll go back to being blonde. Hmmm...
Tuesday, May 5~ something old
Tuesday, May 12~ something new
Tuesday, May 19~ something borrowed
Tuesday, May 26~ something blue
Take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of may!


And here it is, something old. I'm not necessarily talking about my husband and myself. Though we might be considered old by some, we are still relatively young to others, and to ourselves, well, I don't think we'll ever feel completely grown up. But what is old in this picture is our backs and the pain they are giving us.
My back is tweaked from my neck to my ribs and Rick's lower back is all messed up. He is absolutely miserable. It's hard for me to see my big, strong, hard working, independent man in so much pain and it is frustrating for him too. This is a man who never stops. Come rain, shine, barf, fever, chills, pneumonia, whatever... he's going to get the job done. And he's still working now even with his severe pain.
Neither one of us wants to have to slow down because our bodies decide to get old and run down. This is my number one motivation for working out everyday. Sure I want a cut, ripped, toned body, and I dream of my own Valerie Bertinelli bikini moment, but what drives me most is that I know this is move it or loose it time. I have to fight to keep my body running well and with every year that passes it's only going to get harder.

In fact I feel myself growing older even as I sit here.
So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to work out.
Even though I HATE it with a fiery passion.


vgsmom said...

That's a good one... I'm right there with you on the "workout to survive" mode.

donna said...

great SPT! OH i love to work out! It helps me to feel YOUNG, even when sometimes i feel old.

4boyzmdmom said...

Exercise is the best--I should do it a whole lot more than I do! Sorry about the back pain. I can really relate; back pain is the worst pain there is! (And I've given birth four times w/o painkillers...)

Lene said...

this getting old isn't for the weak

jenn said...

i wish less back pain to you and your hubby!...and i think you may have just motivated me to get back on the go-to-the-gym-on-a-regular-basis bus. thanks!

TheBMillers said...

Back pain is the worse isn't it.. I've been needing to get on the treadmill myself.. good motivation

Thank you

lelly said...

agh. back pain is the worst! it can make you feel instantly older, which is never a good thing! hope you both are feeling better soon!

Ann On and On... said...

I'm with you...working out could possibly be the worst thing to do with your time. Sigh, off to do my sit-ups before bed. Fun post!

Date Girl said...

I don't know if you have a gym where you live, but I'm finding that the classes are the best motivation. I hate working out alone, but these classes are a blast. We all motivate each other, and it's empowering. I hope your backs feel better soon. I've also had a lot of success with yoga. Good luck to you both!

Bahama Shores Mama said...

hmmmm....I'm feeling your pain :)

Hope it all "works out" :)

Rachel said...

so I have to tell you...when I injured my back last fall and now have severe arthritis in the joints I have been miserable too. If I don't stretch several times a day I am a mess...but what I wanted to tell you is that I found a drug that has really helped me! It is used for people with arthritis and I don't know if that is ricks case or yours...but it isnt a narcotic so you won't get hooked on it...it is a NSAID which is basically like a stronger ibuprofen...it is called LODINE. It has REALLY helped me make it through the day...seriously I can relate and have worried what my fate will be too with my back.
Maybe give it a try and another good thing is that you dont have to take it continually....take it as needed to help with inflamation.

MaryRC said...

aint that the truth! old backs can be brutal!

Heidi said...

Yoga has been the best for my achey old back- I feel so rejuvenated after my class. If you don't have anywhere that offers classes I could send send you some DVD's.

MaryRC said...

i'd love to design one for you! it'd be fun, whadya want? colors etc?