Monday, May 11, 2009


I am playing make believe today.
Yes I am.
I’m pretending to be a type A person. This isn’t easy seeing as how I am more of a type, well let’s say, um… Z, yes Z person.
You say there isn’t a type Z?

Well I beg to differ, and it looks something like this:

But today is different. Today I am a type A (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). I started my type A day by trying to pull my sick child out of bed to force her to school. “You’ve been sick too much.” I told her, adding, “You can’t miss anymore days.” And, “You’re going to fail the 8th grade!”

Of course after she coughed up a lung and her temperature revealed that she was indeed toxic, I turned today’s type A-ness toward the school, telling them that yes I know my child has missed way too much school, but she’s been freakishly sick this year and what the heck was I supposed to do about it? Seriously, What?
I’m still waiting to hear from the principal.

After this morning’s upset, I turned my new type A self loose on the house. It’s called mind over matter baby and my Miss Type A Britches loves to clean the house, yes she does (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). And guess what, the house is almost all clean now (type A people clean much faster than Zs. Who knew?).

So I decided to take a blogging break (oh wait, do type A people take blogging breaks? I know, I’ll go pencil it in my planner, then it will be legit.) After my blogging break I’ll make my bed, vacuum, and fold some laundry, then my type A cleaning will be done (do type A people blog atop their unmade beds in mid-afternoon? Do type A people even sit atop their beds at all? I think not. Type A people probably only use their beds for sleeping, making them promptly upon rising. I’ll have to work on that one.)

Upon completion of my type A housework, I will use my A-1 spectacularness to contemplate dinner long before the actual dinner hour. Yes, I will actually know what I am cooking and begin preparing it long before it is time to eat. And instead of throwing out the brown
bananas that are sitting on my kitchen counter, I will make banana bread for our family night treat. That’s right, no one will be running to the Mobile gas station to pick out candy tonight. It will be homemade baked goodness for all.
Wow, type A people are awesome!
I would have pretended to be one sooner but Miss Z never wanted to play.
She can be such a baby sometimes.


MaryRC said...

LOL! Great post... I think I'm a type M... somwhere in the middle.. although your Z may be hanging at my house today.

Darce said...

You make me laugh! Great post!

heidi j said...

I love the type Z. Sounds familiar. And I love your pictures you take of yourself and everything else! It's so fun to see how other people are and makes me want to take more fun random pictures.

Rachel said...

It looks like the weather is starting to be beautiful outside! Lucky for you its now blazing down here. I am hoping that you post pictures of your sons prom! Funny he came here! Can we switch lives Jeanete? lol...
Funny about lawson...he and turk were the best of friends...I have always thought it was a very unusual name. My nephew lawson is such a great the name must be a good one because so is my dad! Weird how we think of all those things like who we dated and then we all grow up and realize it doesnt matter so much...
I love your posts!

4boyzmdmom said...

Funny, funny! I am mostly a type A, by the way, and I still thought it was funny. I do make my bed right away but I sit on it, too. And I do take blogging breaks!

The Cranes said...

You're right--type A people would have made the bed as soon as they got up! Funny! I'm a Type A, but a lazy one. So I just feel more guilt than the average person, I think. I want to be Type A about cooking but I hate it so much that I procrastinate. Plenty of brown bananas have never been banana bread at my house.

Cedar said...

I wanna take the test and see what letter I am?!?!