Friday, May 1, 2009


My years spent being terrified of taking the trash out after dark must have been a premonition, warning me that this night would come. Because there he stood, the vision of my childhood fears, blocking my path to the house. I waited, paralyzed, unsure of what to do. If he was someone I knew and I bolted I would feel like such a fool, but if he wasn’t…

As he stepped closer the moonlight confirmed it, I had never seen this man before and instinct told me not to wait for an introduction. With no other escape I ran down our street. My dream of living on acreage fighting against me as I stumbled through the darkness, trying to make my way to the nearest house.

Coming up behind me the stranger threw me to the ground, then laughed as he hovered over me, explaining that he always kept his victims alive for five days before he disposed of them. Five days! My head spun around his words as thoughts of what could happen in those five days sickened me. Still laughing, he moved in to bite me with his snarled tobacco stained teeth. I quickly turned my face, forcing him to...

Kiss me gently on the cheek. Huh? There could be only one explanation for why I suddenly had control over someone so evil. Forcing my eyes opened, I sat up in bed. Then, with heart pounding, did what I always do after a nightmare and got up to check the locks.

Approaching the living room my heart was calmed by the sight of my hero, my protector rising up to greet me.

And even though having him sleep in the house brings the occasional stray clump of fur,

if it means protection from a psycho killer who wants to torture me for five days,
I’ll take it.

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kaye said...

Great story! and of course the pictures are too:)

Here’s my photo story happy Friday!

Cecily R said...

YOu had me going for a bit...but I am easily taken in by a story like that since I HATE taking out the trash after dark...:) Great pics!!

4boyzmdmom said...

I hate those really realistic nightmares! I make my boys take out the trash.... I love having a dog in the house, although he's just a little yapper!