Saturday, May 9, 2009

Break a leg...

You've heard me boob, cry and complain about living in a small town (and that's just what I've said out loud, you should hear the griping that's gone on in my mind. Not pretty.) I even wrote a poem about it during the National Poetry Month challenge. Mind you I wrote this very fast without much thought or editing, but it went a little something like this:


I’m missing and have been since I left the city
To live the small town, c
ountry life.
I thought I could pack myself up
Right along with the books, linens, and fine china.
As if moving all of my worldly treasures
Would be enough to make me want to go,
But it wasn’t.
I dug in my heels and stayed behind.
Trying to live my new life without me has been hard,
Very hard.
Occasionally I go back to fetch myself,

And what fun we have.
Eating at our favorite restaurants,

Visiting the museums,
And shopping.
Oh the shoes!
We bond when we buy shoes,
And I believe that maybe this time

It will be enough to keep us together.
But I always go back to the country alone,

Longing for myself is killing me,

Robbing me of joy.
It’s time for me to move on,

To dump myself for someone new.
Someone who will share this slow paced,

Simple life without complaint,
Someone who will fill my life with new breath

Instead of choking me with reminders of the old.
Yes, I’m dumping myself,
But we can still buy shoes together, okay?

This experience has been hard to say the least. It's nearing three years now and I'm still not sure of where I stand or how I feel. But one thing I will say that I love about this town is its dedication to the performing arts. You've never seen so many talented people in one tiny place. The high school choir program alone is enough to take your breath away. What a gifted group of kids, and their director is amazing.

Marlee auditioned for next year's choir program and I'm pleased to announce that she made it into the woman's choir (which is exactly what she had hoped for) Hooray! In helping her prepare for her audition, I was surprised by how beautifully this girl can sing. She, like her mother, never sings for others to hear so I had no idea she was that good. I hope this choir experience will give her the confidence to use her talent from now on instead of being a scaredy boob like me.
We also have the privilege of enjoying a fun children's theater here. Last weekend Paige, Easton and Jamie performed in the play "Annie".
Paige played Annette, a maid in daddy Warbucks staff,
Jamie played one of the orphan children
and Easton had a duel roll, playing an orphan and one of daddy Warbucks' servants.
This was our third time participating in one of these plays and the kids always have a great time doing it.

So maybe that's the answer. Maybe I need to become a performer to find my happy place here. There's a great theater program for grown-up people here too. Perhaps I'll just have to march my little self down and audition for it the next time around. Yeah, maybe I will.
Do you double dog dare me?


TheShumWAYS said...

Ok Jeanette if you get yourself in a play.. we will march right up there and watch it! I triple dog dare you, you would be awesome!

MaryRC said...

it took me years to get over the valley, and i was only there for six months. now that your gone, i have no reason to go back, zero draw. new friends, they help. you need to learn to have more fun with friends, i promise you wont miss it as much.

we need a theatre like that here, so very cool.

The Cranes said...

I just saw Annie on Saturday--the Jr. High here is doing it. Funny! It's painful to move--I'm still feeling a bit lost after over a year--and I didn't live in the valley my whole entire life. And let's face it, the Valley of the Sun is one step away from Paradise, so it's a hard place to get over. I used to feel soooo homesick for Arizona when we would go home (wherever home was at the time) after visiting and I hadn't even lived there yet.

4boyzmdmom said...

Try it, Jeanette! I bet you'd be good! Moving is hard--I've done it a lot of times although not recently, I'm thankful to say. There are little things I miss about each place I've lived. I've never lived in the valley, but it is my favorite place on earth! I can understand why you miss it so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey girls...Marlee, Paige, Jamie and Easton, congratulations on all your accomplishments. Wish I could be there to watch you perform. Wow, Marlee - you are so grown up. Where did my little redhead granddaughter go, she's now a young adult. You're beautiful. Love you all!