Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Find a happy place...

Tuesday April 21:
Gift a neighbor, teacher, co-worker
I recently got rid of the couch in our "office" and this greatly upset my co-worker (he's a great one, even does the dishes). He loved his couch it was his special unwinding spot, but when we got new furniture it simply no longer fit (it actually never did fit well, but I let it slide because he loved it so).
I tried to make amends with a small wingback chair but this offered little comfort to my dear co-worker and soon his unwinding TV time lost all appeal. He was a broken man in spirit and body (literally, his poor back is out).
So today I decided to gift him the recliner from our living room. It was to be a simple act of love, trade the wingback chair for the recliner, how hard could it be?
How hard?
I'll tell you how hard.
Really, ridiculously hard.
Because the chunky recliner didn't fit in our bedroom full of chunky furniture either (someday I will do a post about the fact that our fairly large home, built in the 2000s, has such a tiny (relatively speaking) master bedroom and how we bought it anyway, after only one walk through).
At this point I had my heart set on giving my co-worker this gift of comfort so I had to make it work. Somehow I just had to.
And soon my quick fix turned into an all day, moving furniture to and fro, extravaganza.
After much swapping between the living room and my bedroom (someday I will do a post on how my smallish master bedroom is in direct view of the living room and how we bought it anyway after only one walk through) I finally made everything fit,
and my co-worker finally got his happy unwinding place back.
and I have now thrown my back out too.
No kidding, I really did.
Guess the "office" will be closed for awhile.


jenn said...

too funny. i can just picture you dragging furniture all over the house all day! what a gift!

Date Girl said...

It took me a minute to realize your "coworker" was your hubby. That was very sweet of you! I'd have probably caved and just asked him to move it, ha.

The Cranes said...

We have an extremely small master bedroom, too. And our last house had a HUGE one, so it seems even smaller by contrast. But we did see the house more than once before we bought it! That was sweet of you to gift your husband the recliner. Sorry it turned out to be so complicated and I hope your back feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Like mother, like daughter. I don't know how many times I've thrown my back out moving furniture. Up and down stairs was the worst. Ben was always talking me into helping him with his basement bedroom.I'm sure Rick appreciates the love you show him.

Bahama Shores Mama said...

no good deed goes unpunished? I hope he appreciates it! Get matching heat pads going and feel better soon!

And one day you'll have to tell us about how you bought your house after how many walkthroughs?

Miss Risa's House said...

Well its a wonder you didnt break your back! that furniture is very heavy! It looks awesome I hope you love it as much as I did!

4boyzmdmom said...

Ouch, my back hurts just reading this! We had a huge master bedroom once, but I didn't like it--my kid's bedrooms had to be small to compensate, so they would bring all their toys to my nice big floor to play instead! Now our master bedroom is smallish (it fits the rest of the house) and I like that fine. I just don't have a lot of furniture in there!

Lene said...

Such a generous gift for your "co-worker".