Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't be a stranger...

Tuesday, April 28:
Gift a total stranger
I thought I might have to skip today's challenge because I don't have plans to go anywhere today and although I was able to find a "co-worker" to gift at home last week (my dear hubs, my very favorite co-worker of all) I can't get away with that this week because, near as I can tell, no strangers live in my house (growing up we had a stranger that lived in our detached workshop/shed and ate from the freezer we kept out there, but that is a different post entirely).
But as I thought about it further I remembered something that I have been trying to become better at that totally fits into the category of gifting a stranger, and that is leaving comments.
I have become very lazy about leaving comments when I read blogs, for friends and strangers alike, and I have set a goal to get better at this. I think we all get warm fuzzies when someone takes the time to acknowledge us and say something nice.
Just the other day my friend Betsy left me a comment that was so sweet and really made my day. I think we often forget what a difference our little efforts can make.
In keeping with the Golden Rule, I've decided to start leaving more comments for people. I used to shy away from leaving comments for strangers, I felt like such an intruder, but I love the friendships I have developed with those who have been brave enough to leave comments for me and I'm ready to do the same.
So if you've happened upon this blog by accident or if you've traveled over because of a comment I left on your blog, I say, "Welcome stranger. I hope we can become good blogging friends."


Bahama Shores Mama said...

What a great one......all from the comfort of your home :)

Looking forward to getting to know you better.

jenn said...

what a great idea of the spt! i am having a difficult time....i wish i would have thought of this!

Lene said...

I feel the same way. I have been trying to leave more comments on blogs that I stumble upon.

I had a total blank with this challenge...ugh.

Chris said...

That is fabulous! I do think that kind comments on the Blog, do often brighten people's day. So, love your take on this challenge. Thanks for sharing!!

Rachel said...

love love love this picture! It is too sweet. I love that he still sucks his thumb and still wants to be close to his mom!

MaryRC said...

you are absolutely right, comments are the sweetest little gifts aren't they.

Kristie said...

confess -- guilty of reading and not commenting enough, as well. :)