Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eggs and a tag...

Now today I DID eat chocolate marshmallow eggs.
Lots of 'um.

And they were so good.

P.S. Do you see that I am wearing a coat in my house? A coat, in the house, in April. I can't bring myself to waste any more propane or wood to heat my house in the middle of Spring. Cannot do it.
Maybe I just need more meat on my bones.
Send more chocolate marshmallow eggs fast
(no really, send some. I'm... I mean the kids are almost out).


Now for a tag.

I was tagged by Erika

She and Patti were my favorite roommates, my partners in crime (literally, but don't ask), in college and I found them both again through blogging. How cool is that!

So Erika tagged me to

Go to my 6th folder
Get the 6th picture
And blog about it.

Miss E's baptism last year.
So beautiful.
The sad thing is that this beautiful white dress has fallen off the face of the earth.
How does a beautiful white dress fall off the face of the earth I'd like to know.


Rae said...

That is beautiful. She looks so sweet. I have no idea how dresses can just disappear. But they do. I've seen it happen. Er, not "seen".

Erika said...

She looks beautiful! You know, the dress will turn up the week after you need it (thats what always happens to me). Thanks for playing along and thanks for the chuckle.