Monday, July 14, 2008

Never say Never....

Here is a picture of a three day old sunburn on my daughter's shoulder. That's right I said sunburn and my daughter in the same sentence.
There is a law of nature (and I know I'm not the only one that this happens to because my sis-in-law Mindy and I have spoken of it many times) that whenever we use the phrases, "I have never" -or- "I would never" -or- " My kids have never" -or- "My kids would never", a signal goes up. A beam toward heaven that says "Order up! One piece of humble pie please". Then suddenly the child who never throws a fit at the store throws a whopper in the middle of the isle the next time you're there, the teen who's never late for curfew strolls in at 1:00 a.m., and the mother who proclaimed in a blog post that she was so "proud" that her kids had "never" been sunburned suddenly forgets all about sunscreen after 17+ years of always slathering it on.

We just got back from a wonderful trip to see my sister in Tucson. We had a great time, but when Paige, Easton and Jamie went out to swim I forgot all about the sunscreen and they got burned. I felt so bad for them and mad at myself for forgetting something so basic. Listening to them fuss on the ride home was so hard for me because I remember all too well how badly that hurts. I cringe just thinking about it. Oh well opposition in all things right. Maybe now that they know the bad they won't fight me the next time I bring out the sunscreen.

On a happier note, while in Tucson my sis Larisa gave us this awesome Love Sac. Look how ginormous it is. I've always wanted one of these but couldn't afford it so I was more than happy to take it off her hands. It's in the garage right now, but as soon as I get the cover dry cleaned this is sure to be the favorite reading and movie watching spot.

Paige has already started using it as her reading spot. She's reading Twilight and so far she is definitely a member of "team Edward". She thinks he's soooo hot!
Hope the dogs enjoy their time cozying up with Paige because as soon as I get this baby cleaned it will be off limits to little doggies and their shedding fur. They sure are cute though.
We also had a great time hanging out and shopping with Jillene and her family on our trip. Thanks everyone for putting up with us. We loved seeing all of you!


The Cranes said...

Janna is on the Jacob team--she likes Edward but I think she feels sorry for Jacob. I would want Jacob just because I hate being cold! Who wants to cuddle up to an ice cube? But Edward is more mature and better looking! Where do you get your cool blog backgrounds?! I have experienced the "never say never" rule many times. It is one of the reasons that the entire 11 years I lived in Arizona, I never said out loud, "I've never seen a scorpion." It worked! (Now that I typed that, I'll probably defy the odds and see one here in Utah--where they don't live!) Hope the sunburns have healed--and it is still an amazing feat to go 17 years with no sunburned kids!! I can't say the same.

arizonamama said...

Love the love sack. Hate the burn. (You were always so good about sunscreen in Vegas.) I'm totally jealous of your time with Larisa and Jillene and their families. I'd love to see them. Miss you guys. -Cameo