Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer day...

Today is pioneer day. A day to commemorate the LDS pioneers arrival here in the west. Our town puts on quite a celebration with parades, bbqs, rodeos, fireworks and such. The celebration was last weekend but, oops, I didn't get any pictures. Here's one from last year's parade, where we represented a pioneer family on our ward's float.


As part of the celebration, the town's paper did a whole spread on the early settlers of this area complete with old frontier recipes.

At dinner the other night Jamie informed us that she would not like a pork chop because she was no longer going to eat animals. Alrighty then. She then started asking us about all the animals we eat. She asked if people eat skunk and we said that we didn't think so because they would be too yucky to eat. Well that very night we got a copy of the recipes in the town paper and this is what we found...

French Fried Skunk anyone?
I am so grateful for the faith and sacrifice of my pioneer ancestors. I owe them so much for paving the way for me to be able to live and worship in a manner that brings me such unmeasurable joy.
And by the way, Jamie's vegetarianism was short lived. When she saw how much the rest of us were enjoying our pork chops she quickly succumbed to the temptation and is a happy meat eater once again.


MaryRC said...

How fun!! No skunks for dinner thank you! Children and vegetarianism, Rae and Zach said they were going that direction, and I told them they were only allowed to add foods to what they will eat, not subtract them.

Cedar said...

I was at the parade, how come I didn't see this float?? You guys look great!! I am so excited for your grass. When you cook skunk for dinner, I hope you invite us over!! There are plenty aroud here to cook for sure!!

Bren's Life said...

What a fun time.. My kids thank goodness have never thought to go that route.. That's too cute

The Cranes said...

I would love to see that paper about the early settlers. I don't think I'll be trying the skunk recipe, though.