Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wilbur lives here...


As I revisited my blog this week (haven't been here in awhile) I scrolled down and saw a post I had written about my posters of blissful affirmation. I also saw that I had promised to show you what I was going to do with my posters of blissful affirmation. But I never did. Because I'm rude like that. But I don't want to be rude. I want to be fabulously kind and awesome. So today I give you this picture of my posters (there's more on another window as well) even though I didn't do exactly what I had planned to with them.

What I had exactly planned to do was to frame them out with some cute fabric or maybe molding but after they sat for many, many weeks with no fabric or molding I said, "Self, it's time to face that fact that you will never hang these up if you wait to be fancy. So please just hang them up right now." And so that's just what I did. And I pretty much love them. Because they are full of blissful affirmation after all. And I loves me some blissful affirmation.

Now about my writing/ creative room... as you can see it is not yet cute. And it is currently being used as a holding ground for things displaced by the living room painting project extravaganza of 2012. But it will be cute by golly. Someday it will be cute. And when it is I'll show you pictures.
I promise :)


Heidi J said...

I can't wait to see your painting job!!! I also looooooove (!) the posters above the window! Love it!!! So glad your back.

Gayle Bramwell said...

I did want to know what you were going to do with your posters of blissful affirmation and am glad that you have shared. This is a great idea to have reminders or symbols of happiness that comes in all forms. I need this in my life.

4boyzmdmom said...

What great little valances they make--great idea!