Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Yesterday I walked into the grocery store to find people swarming around tables full of flowers, candies, cakes and balloons. Oh the stress, oh the frenzy. I then bought my loaf of bread, stick of butter and container of milk (anyone watch that on Sesame Street?) and calmly, quietly, contently left the store.

I got home to find that my love had already returned from work. I gave him a hug, a smooch and said, "Thank you so much for not making a big deal out of Valentine's Day. I was so glad that I didn't have to worry about buying any of that crap today."

"Thank you." He said. "You're the woman and Valentine's Day is for women. It's you that makes us not have to buy all of that crap."

"Why don't you care about Valentine's Day?" Marlee asked.

The answer is two fold...

One, our anniversary is two days after Valentine's Day so Valentine's Day has always paled in comparison and two--and I figured this out after some pondering-- we don't need Valentine's Day because everyday is a lover's holiday around here.

Everyday is filled with "I love you. You're awesome. You're the most amazing person I have ever met. Thank you for how hard you work for us. That was the best meal I've ever eaten. You always make me feel better. You're so good to me. I need you. You make me a better person. You're the person I want to call when I have a free minute. I appreciate all you do for me. You're brilliant. You're a genius. I admire your work ethic. I admire your spirituality. You're hott. You're sexy. You make me laugh. I hit the jackpot when I married you. I could never make it through this life without you..."

Everyday is back rubs, snuggles and kisses on the neck. Everyday is LOVE. Pure, blissful, beautiful love. And I guess I just don't see how flowers, candies, cakes or balloons could make it any better.

...but a big fat breakfast burrito from El Cupidos? Now that's different.
Thanks honey for surprising me with breakfast this morning :)


Marcie said...

Love this! Our anniversary in on the first of Feb., so around here, Valentine's day is for the kids.

And like you, I'll take the day to day love of a solid relationship over a vase of flowers any day. (Although I did sure appreciate the ones I got for my anniversary!)

The Cranes said...

Amen, Jeanette! I feel so blessed to be in the same kind of relationship. And he still gets me flowers on Valentine's Day and our anniversary as well, even though I tell him he doesn't need to since he treats me like a queen every single day of the year. So I just let him. :)