Monday, February 13, 2012

Tales from the weekend...


Once upon a time last Saturday, I drove Rick to Show Low to meet up with some people for a business trip. While there I thought, "Why not hit some yard sales." Why not indeed. But after driving a country mile--using the sun as my guide so as not to be forever lost in the forest--only to find one yard sale with nothing more than a small table of used Valentine Bears and "sexy" women's lingerie (that's what the woman kept saying to me. "I've got sexy lingerie here just in time for Valentine's Day." thank you) I was reminded, that's why not. Yard sales here are ridonkulous. And then I gave myself a talking to and said, "Hello self. Please stop trying to find yard sales up here in the mountains. Stop right now. You don't have Costco here, you don't have Target here (just to name a few of the many, many things we don't have) and you do not have yard sales here. The end."

So I started driving. I drove and I drove until I ended up in Heber where I found thrift stores. Fun thrift stores. And I had a little party and bought this chair where I like to sit when I'm stoned apparently. I'm just saying the eyes are looking a little suspicious in the photo, but whatever. And now I have hope, if only a little, that maybe just maybe I can live here without dying.



Marcie said...

Ok, I think I would seriously freak out over the lingerie. Yuck, yuck yuck. Not that I have anything against lingerie :) but at a yard sale!?!