Thursday, February 23, 2012

And she's off...


I've heard it said that if you give your fears a voice they lose their power. And that must be true because after posting yesterday's "confessions of a wimpy writer" (which I thought about deleting because I sound like such a dork)I sat down and wrote.

I wrote and I wrote until I looked up to notice that I had over 1000 words written. Woo-hoo. It seems I have found the story I was meant to tell because it's practically writing itself. And it's not scary, it's fun (and heart wrenching--sorry, it's what I do).

Now my biggest problem is that I never want to stop writing. Why don't homes have a self cleaning button? Why?


Cedar said...

Nie Nie is doing a contest for a Mothers Day essay.... you should do it so I can vote for you. :) I triple double dog dare you! :)

4boyzmdmom said...

When do we get to read what you write? :) I'm totally with you on the self cleaning house!