Monday, June 7, 2010

Run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me I've got Jack...


Lately I've been feeling a little like Forest Gump in that I want to keep running and running and running. I feel like I need to be out in nature more to clear my head and contemplate things.

Saturday night I went out with Waylon to lie on the trampoline, gaze at the stars and try to think, but then the sprinklers came on and sent us both running for the house.

Last night I told the fam, "I'm going for a walk. Who wants to come?" All but Landon joined me, but when we found that we had walked too far from the house Paige called Landon (ah, cell phones) and he drove over to pick us up. I wanted to keep walking but because it was eight thirty and we were on a dark and secluded dirt road my sweet protective husband asked me please not to.

What I really need is to get out by myself and run. I need quiet time to reflect and ponder, to form the words that need to be written down in those letters to myself (that I spoke of in an earlier post). Until I find that psychiatrist or vault friend I NEED TO RUN. Of course running with a vault friend and or psychiatrist would be even better (will psychiatrists run with you) but for now I'm hoping that if I run with Mr. Jack the dog my husband won't object to me being out alone.

Jack's fierce (Lily, not so much) and he'll rip the head off of any who try to mess with me.

I hope.


Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Why doesn't your husband walk with you? It's really dangerous these days to go walking alone, especially at night in a secluded area. Your husband is very sweet to be watching out for you.

Stef said...

I think that a smart therapist would agree to something like least with me because I am so out of shape it would take longer to run the mile AND I wouldn't be able to talk much.
Something about being alone and having time to think and exercise...moms need it.
Go Jack!

Marcie said...

Initially, my dog was pretty helpful when I went running with her. Once, she even saved me from some other dogs. However, as she got older and fatter, she would take about 3 steps and then wrap the leash around something and sit down. And that was the end of running with that dog. It makes me smile just thinking of it.

That being said, I hope you find your time/place/person to help you formulate and organize your thoughts. Sounds like you are on to something...

Travel & Dive Girl said...

My husband doesn't like me going out alone either. Our dog is a basset hound and he gets tired easily - if I took him, I'd end up carrying him home. LOL..