Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky shmooky...

Show your spooky side
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As far as Halloween goes, here is my spooky side. Way back in 1995 I was a witch getting ready to feast on this scrumptiously plump sweet baby Paige. She was so deliciously chunky (love chunky babies). I must have lured her in with my candy house because all witches have candy houses you know. That's what Waylon told me anyway. He said, "Mom, if you ever see a house made out of candy don't go there. Stay far away from it because witches make their houses out of candy so they can catch you."

Whew, I'm glad he learned that. I certainly wouldn't want him to be caught by a witch.

The reason this is my only spooky picture is because

1) nobody ever takes pictures of the mama and

2) I usually go for the cutesie costumes more than the scary. I know I'm such a girl.

But this year I don't think I'll dress up at all because my foot hurts and I'm stuck on stupid crutches and I'm just not in a festive mood okay (cry me a river you big baby). Unless someone has an awesome idea for a costume that involves a broken foot and crutches. Then and only then I might just get a little excited. In the meantime, I am very fortunate to have a certain Miss Marlee in my life because this girl lives and breathes Halloween. It's her favorite holiday. And she is always spooky with no patience for girly girls on this most ghoulish of nights.

And with her mad skills as a makeup artist, she will be able to save the night, painting up all of her sibs while I sit on my fanny. Boy is she going to be busy.



holly shaw said...

I love her makeup it looks awesome

Lourie said...

WOW! She did a fabulous job!!! Have her make you up like a zombie. Sit on the porch to hand out candy. Sorry you broke your foot. That is just something a mama can't do.

Ashley said...

The makeup part is great very scary ! I hope your foot feels better !

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

You could always get dressed up in ski clothes and be a skier whose crashed or in a hospital gown and be an ER patient. I hope your foot feels better soon.

There is nothing as great as a chunky baby. They're so extra squeezable.

kys said...

Great job on the makeup. I'm partial to chunky babies as well. (nom, nom, nom)

KK said...

that makeup is awesome!

hanna (kmcaldwell) said...

you should be a bad ref, because all bad refs have broken limbs.

marlie can come and do my familys make up too. she is amazing

4boyzmdmom said...

I always went for the girly stuff over the scarey stuff, too! But I haven't worn a costume in years. I wanted to wear one for our Primary activity this year, but all the women's costumes are so racy these days! Bar maid, midnight angel, etc...not exactly the image I wanted to portray as Primary president!!

Marlee's makeup is fantastic!

Lene said...

She really does rock the Halloween makeup.

So sorry about your foot. I don't usually dress up. I just forget that I need a costume also.

MaryRC said...

I remember that picture... boy halloween parties sure have come a long way since then.. wanna dip your nose in ketchup?