Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Taking a mind trip to Buffland...

The Def Leppard guitarist had quite the bod (just look at those abs) and he ain't no spring chicken. I know this because he joined the band in 1981 and I was only in sixth grade in 1981, hardly old enough to be the lead guitarist in a band, and I'm no youngin' myself. So therefore he must be old(er).

A woman who walked past us at the concert had a body that was a freakin' work of art. WORK OF ART! I was in awe of her especially when my sister, who saw this woman's face, told me that she was old(er-ish) like us. "How can this be?" I thought "How can this be?" And once again, I felt inspired. Inspired to kick up my game, to work out harder, and to strut around half naked at rock concerts throughout the country (okay so maybe not that last one, but man that woman's body was impressive).

"Great goal." You say.
"Good for you." You cheer.
"So what's the problem?" You ask.

The problem is that I hate to work out. I HATE IT.

I have a workout routine that works quite well with fairly fast results, but most days I can't make myself do it because I HATE IT. I need to find a workout plan that I enjoy (or at least tolerate enough to make myself do it). I need to find a FULL BODY pull-up bar, a bar that will work out my entire body because I LOVE MY PULL-UP BAR. LOVE IT!

I leave it hanging in my laundry room doorway and I can't get enough of it. Throughout the day when I walk past it I have to stop and do a few reps. It's fabulous. Fabulous I tell you. Why can't all exercise be this fun? Why? I know the mind is a very powerful tool... Marlee learned just how powerful in school today and she told me all about it and let me tell you it's dang powerful...so I think it's time that I practice a little mind over matter.

My new mantra shall be:
I love lunges
I love squats
Dips and crunches
Make me hot

Say it with me now...
I love lunges
I love squats
Dips and crunches
Make me hot

From now on I will only say, "I LOVE TO WORK OUT! I LOVE TO WORK OUT! I LOVE TO WORK OUT!"

You'll have to ask me later how it's working. Right now I just want to go to sleep.

What's your favorite workout routine?


4boyzmdmom said...

I like chasing boys (my own!), carting laundry baskets up stairs, vacumming, and walking the dog! Ok, I don't really like those things, but I find myself doing them all the time, and it does help although it's not going to get me a body that's a work of art anytime soon!

I'll have to try your chant and see if it helps me!

Heidi J said...

i too will see if the chant helps me. Part of my goal this year is not to just exercise..but WANT to exercise. So I have no help for you, very sorry. thats a good little chant though!

Erika said...

I use the Wii Fit and Wii Active. It's a decent work out when I do it, but you would not know I do it at all if you look at me. I like it because you can do it in any weather...and sometimes the kids join in.

donna said...

I love to run with my HUBBY and going to the gym with my friends.

Keep it up :)

Unknown Mami said...

Sheesh, I'm impressed you can do a pull up.

Miss Risa's House said...

First thing I have to say is Yes that man was delicious! Made my night haha! About the very awesome fit woman, If I looked like her I would walk around just like her!
My goal right now is just 2 walk everyday! Baby steps for me really really baby steps! But you go girl!

Jessica said...

I have a sister who runs triathlons & marathons. She swears the fifty year old ladies -who are the ones winning - look younger than the rest of us. I don't know about that, but there's no way I'm running 26 miles for the fun of it. I hate running. But I like biking. And I'm a fan of yoga & pilates. (However, I am not consistent and need to come up with a new game plan that I can stick to!)

I like your chant. Just think of what awesome thighs you will have from all those lunges and squats!

~~Mel~~ said...

I can't say I love to work out...because it really is not all that fun...and I don't particularly like the pain that comes with it...usually the next day.

I do love your mantra though!

Shellie said...

Dancing- belly dancing, zumba, hip hop, or the hula hoop uh.... then for strength and flexibility there's pilates and yoga.

MaryRC said...

Phil Collen has become the best looking band member. I used to think the lead singer was hot back in the day but Phil is the only one who aged well. When I was working backstage at the VH1 Rock Honors a few years ago Def was in the makeup room with their people. Why they didnt have private quarters? I do not know. I was sitting watching the monitors since everyone was done and Phil and Joe (singer) came in and stood next to me and we were chit chattin about Heart who was playing, Ann Wilson my favorite female singer of all time. Then we started talking about other bands, it was a good 5 minute conversation. I even got a goodbye from Phil when they left after the show, he popped his head in winked smiled and said "Thank you, have a great night." I was like, thank me? for what? regular conversation i suppose i didnt lay a brush on the guy. Anyway after that Gene Simmons in full demon stuck his tongue in my face, that sucker is LONG!