Monday, November 3, 2008

All Hallows Eve and Chicago Dogs...

I meant to write about Halloween before now, but I've just been too busy. Thursday night we went trunk 'r treating around the church parking lot. The kids had a great time and I was happy because it wasn't freezing cold this year. Hooray!

Waylon dressed up as Frankenstein's monster, Easton was a renaissance girl and Jamie a vampire. The next night for trick or treating Easton was the vampire and Jamie was a dead 50's girl. Easton didn't want to be the renaissance girl again because everyone kept calling her Rapunzel and she said (with attitude mind you) "I am NOT a princess!" That girl cracks me up.

Paige was also a renaissance girl of sorts. Not a princess, but if you called her one she probably wouldn't have gotten too bent out of shape about it.

But never, never call miss Marlee a princess especially on Halloween. Halloween is Marlee's holiday and for her it is always about being something scary. She finds those who play up their feminine charms on All Hallows Eve to be utterly ridiculous, for Halloween is meant to be a holiday for ghouly ghouls not girly girls (I always lean more towards the girly costumes myself, but hey that's just me). I guess if I was as talented as miss Marlee in the ghoulish makeup department I just might like to be scary too.
Halloween day we traveled down to the valley to watch Landon's soccer game then spent the evening trick or treating with my sister Jillene's family. It was fun trick or treating in the valley again. I loved not being cold, but I would have taken the cold the next day when we went to the zoo. Dang it was hot! I am so not the valley girl that I used to be. I hated the heat and couldn't wait to get out of it. How crazy is it that I am now complaining about November heat. True valley people know that November heat is nothing. What a wuss I've become.
Rick was very pleased when I admitted that I have finally gotten to the point where I don't mind leaving the valley to go back "home". That's right you heard me. This feels like home now. Don't rub it in.
And it's an even better home now that we have
yummy hot dogs here. Our friends just opened an arcade and dog house and tonight I had a spicy polish dog with all of my favorite HOT fixin's on it. It was fabulous. Just like the old college days when Heidi and I would eat a Chicago style dog pretty much everyday for lunch. So yummy and so worth smelling like hot peppers, onions, and mustard the rest of the day.
So is it still worth it now? Well my honey won't smooch on me tonight so maybe not. But then again... It was really tasty.


holly shaw said...

That is really cool makeup on Marlee. and sounds like a really fun weekend.

heidi justice said...

Marlee's make up is awesome! She did that all herself?? I'm impressed at whoever it was

MaryRC said...

i see a career in Mar's future, tell her Im impressed!! Couldn't have done it better myself!

whole lotta back and forth to the valley of the sun stroke eh?

hey the relocation "home" thing happens, i thought i'd never get phx outta my system, but now that you aren't there.. i've absolutely no reason to return, and i'm pretty okay with that..

arizonamama said...

I think I'm going to have to eat a hot dog now for lunch. Sounds yummy!