Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Girls just want to have fun...

Last Friday, upon noticing that there were still tickets available for the Mindy Gledhill benefit concert for Stephanie Nielson (nie nie), I let spontaneity win over my practical, cautious, "but we're in a recession" side and decided to take Marlee and Paige on a little day trip. These two are my right hand girls. I don't know what I would do without them. So to show my appreciation we had a girls day out and what fun it was!
We left around 8:30 on Saturday morning and the three hour drive flew by as we discussed everything from hickeys, hairdos and fashion to politics, worldly abominations, and the fate of the world as we know it.
When we arrived we met up with my sister Jillene and did some fun shopping thanks to my wonderful sugar daddy who slipped me some cash as I was leaving and told me to make sure that we girls had a great time. Man I love that guy.
Jillene introduced us to a new store at the mall and, hypnotized by the cuteness of the items in their massive clearance section, we lost track of the time (now there's a shocker). Big problem. If we took Jillene all the way back to her house we would be late for the concert so joining in on the day's spontaneity theme, she decided to join us. Good call Jillene! Having her with us made it all the better.
The concert did not disappoint. Mindy Gledhill has such a beautiful voice and her band members were very talented and entertaining as well. Of course the highlight of the night was when Stephanie's daughters sang with Mindy. It was beyond precious. Such beautiful, brave little girls they were. Oh and cjane (Stephanie's sister Courtney) herself got up and sang a duet with Mindy at the end. It was hilarious and made me realize that I take myself way too seriously (in front of other people especially) and that I really need to cut loose once in awhile.
I'm thinking about posting myself singing, yes right here on this blog, just to prove that I can let go. Yep that's what I'm gonna do alright (well, then again...).

Anyway, my girls and I had an absolutely perfect day together and even though we didn't get home until 1:00 a.m. it was so worth it.
P.S. Yes I am wearing the same clothes as in my SPT picture because I took both pictures on the same day. You see because although I took the camera on our fun girls trip, I forgot to take pictures while we were there. We did snap a quick one when we pulled into our driveway at 1:00, but I looked very haggard and blucky in it and being that I am the editor and chief of this blog, it didn't make the cut.
So all of you people who think that I just look lovely and put together all of the time, ha-ha no sir-ree. I can look as haggard and worn as the next 39 year old having a bad day, but being the strict editor that I am you don't get to see it. So there.
(Maybe I should post myself singing while looking haggard and worn. Now that would be letting loose!)


holly shaw said...

That sounds like a really fun day. LONG but Fun

Missy :o) said...

what a great thing to do with your girls! I'm sure they'll remember it forever!

Cedar said...

You are really a great mom! Those are definately memory making times! Maybe someday we will get a mall here, yeah right.

Wendy said...

Im jealous!! I really wanted to go to that!~I did see Jane and Claire singing that song on a videao clip!!~it was so cute!

Wendy said...

VIDEO, that is! LOL! One should proof read BEFORE posting their comment!!!

kmcaldwell said...

was it good? it really sounded like it was a blast !

TheShumWAYS said...

Glad you girls had a blast! I am so glad that KAymie is here and someday we will get to do mommy daughter things. I was wondering how the concert went. Glad you were able to go! So what is the new store at the mall?