Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Bookend Boys...

Last night was the last home game of the season so the senior soccer players and their parents were honored before the game. The school got some pictures of the event so hopefully they will give us one. I can't believe that my son is a senior. Seriously, how did that happen?
I've enjoyed watching Landon this soccer season and am proud of how hard he has played. It is so nerve racking to be the mother of the goalie. Every time the ball goes near him my ulcer flares up (that is if I had an ulcer it would). I could never handle that kind of pressure (I guess that's why I never played sports). But his sweet saves have been fun to witness let me tell you.

Here's a sweet save against Blue Ridge (the best team on the Mountain mind you). Yeah, yeah so we lost that one because Blue Ridge always wins and will probably take state (again), but we went out there and gave it our best so it's all good. We did however win last night's game and only have to win one more game to go to state so wish us luck.
I had to leave last night's game early to go to YW so Rick was left alone with the 3 youngins. They did fine until Rick said, "Time to go" and Jamie and Easton, who claim they didn't hear him, went up the bleachers instead of down. When he turned to tell them to come down, Waylon a.k.a. Dash, disappeared.
After a long search, Dash was nowhere to be found. Panic stricken, Rick searched the dark street for our little super hero and finally found him, running ever running, down the busy road of departing spectators (I'm telling you, once Waylon gets going he doesn't stop and he is very, very fast). So when I got home from YW Jamie announced that they had lost Waylon, but because I could see his cute little self sitting on the couch before me I was fine. Now if I had been at the scene of the mishap this would be a much different story because I would have FREAKED! That little stinker. I really need to get a harness for him.

Well at least I have one child almost raised to adulthood and if I keep on my toes Waylon just might make it too.
I do love my bookend boys.


holly shaw said...

I didn't get this title until the end. My mind has been lost latley i keep forgetting everything. Does it feel good to know that at least one of your kids made it through high school. Well almost high school I think it is a great accomplishment and great that you and rick have raised such a great boy.

Stoddard Family said...

I don't know how those goalies do it. That has to be one of the hardest positions to play. I understand about your "ulcer" though. My 7 yr old loves to be the goalie at his games and it causes me great stress whenever he is.

MaryRC said...

what a great shot of Lando! ill be sure to show this to zach, he's been one of the team's goalies this year too.

stinker bo binker waylon! poor rick, i bet he was a fumin!

arizonamama said...

That is an awesome picture of Landon. Couldn't look any cooler. Good job on your new crunches. I thought your last crunch-o-meter broke.