Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Family Fun...

Paige had her first music concert of the year last night and she did a great job. She's a member of the show choir, which is really fun to watch with their dance moves and costume changes and such.

How do you like this one of Paige playing the drums?
Awesome isn't it?
It also didn't help that Waylon was acting up even more than the camera. I kept having to take him out because he would not be quiet or sit still. Good times! Because I had to wrestle him so much, his pants kept riding up and he'd say, "Mom you're hurting me." And I'd say that I was sorry but if he'd quit fighting me that wouldn't happen.
When I took him to the bathroom he announced, "These pants are hurting my penis." (sorry we say it like it is in our house so I guess I can on my blog as well) He then proceeded to try to take his clothes off but I explained to him that he could not return to the concert naked so he agreed to keep them on.
Upon returning to the concert he lasted about two seconds before he began to act up again. Rick told him that if he didn't settle down, mommy would have to take him out again to which he very loudly replied, "But mommy hurts me."
Then "Shhh" from Rick followed by another loud declaration, "But mommy hurts me."
Rick then scooped Waylon's precious little three- year- old self up and took him home.
Have your kids ever slandered your good name in public?
Do you even take your kids into public?
I'm thinking that I never will again.


Stoddard Family said...

My 2 year old loves to shout Owie Mom you're hurting me at random times while we shop at Walmart. I love the looks people give me.

TheShumWAYS said...

DOn't you love kids... they are so fun most of the time:)
Glad Paige could get involved with all of that, we'd love to see one one of these days

Lori said...

That's funny because one time we saw you and Rick in Superstition Springs Mall and we were walking fast to catch up to you to say hi and we saw Rick grab one of your kids by the back of the neck and whisper something in the ear and you guys walked out. When we got home, Wyatt called your house and said something like, "This is John from CPS and we had someone report you hurting your child." Something like that, and then Rick said, "Who is this? Is this Wyatt?" It was so funny. We laughed so hard. I don't know if you or Rick remember that or not.

The Cranes said...

Ah Jeanette! Waylon sounds a lot like my little 3-year-old Ammon. We experience similar things in public. Thanks for a good laugh! (And we say it like it is at our house, too--proper names for body parts.)

MaryRC said...

I was in show chior in high school and LOVED it! that is until i thought i was too cool for school..

we all have those horrifying public moments with our kids. so many i could share, but alas this is you blog... :)

kmcaldwell said...

Paige we rock! there is no joke the show choir is the best but SHH
we don't want the mixed choir to know
Hanna Caldwell