Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If Cars Could Talk...

Tuesday October 14~
#14 on my 100 list:
I drove a VW Karmann Ghia in high school and college.
Sadly, I don't have access to a picture of my beloved Karmann Ghia because my mom is currently serving a mission in Georgia so I can't bug her for one. But here is a picture of me getting pulled over for speeding in my beloved Karmann Ghia back in college.

Thankfully our flirtation skills were sufficient for getting me out of the ticket and I think the officer even blushed a little when my roommate asked if we could take his picture for our scrapbook. Good times.
Shortly before Christmas, my senior year in high school, I saw the cutest little baby blue car parked in a vacant lot with a for sale sign on it. I told my dad about it and to my great, GREAT pleasure I found it waiting for me, big red bow and all, on Christmas morning.
I found this picture online that looks very similar to my car (thanks HubcapCafe.com). Man if my car could talk, the stories it would be able to tell. I had the best times in that car.

Of course if my car could talk I'd have to get one of these to muzzle it. Unless we were alone together, then we'd visit and laugh for hours that little Karmann Ghia and I.
Do you know how to make an arrogant guy at a dance club very, very angry? Tell him that his Porsche looks just like a Karmann Ghia (that one's for you Heidi).
I so miss that car. Shortly after I got married I sold my Karmann Ghia to my brother (in case it started talking. Ha-ha) and one fatal afternoon his girlfriend filled it chuck full of balloons as a cute way to ask him to a dance. While driving, one of the balloons obstructed his vision and CRASH! My beloved Karmann Ghia was no more (but thankfully my brother was fine).

These days my hot ride is a Toyota Sequoia.
Can you say Sexy?
Maybe that's because there is nothing sexy about driving a people mover.
But I have no choice because, although I would cram a ridiculously dangerous number of people into my Karmann Ghia from time to time, everyone in my Sequoia must wear a seat belt (hey you have to grow up sometime).
Don't feel too sorry for me though because you can take the girl out of the Karmann Ghia but you can't take the Karmann Ghia out of the girl. And when I'm driving down the road with my 80's music crankin'...

I'm still young, hot and having fun (even if it is only in my mind).
Hey this is my reality, I can believe what I want.
(Excuse the hair. I was rockin' out and it attacked my face).
Do you have a favorite car?
Do you wish it could talk or are you glad it can't?
Do you like to rock out when you drive?


Chris said...

That is funny. We had tht car, but I was too young to drive then. When I turned 16 I drove a Vega, very special car. :-) Now a van, I am sure I was much cooler looking in my yellow vega. Haha.

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh! How many times did we run out of gas in that car? Good times!

Stoddard Family said...

My Grandma gave us her old Bonneville when I was 16. We called it the "boat" for a reason. We could fit so many people in that giant old car. I did have a problem running into the short little yellow poles at the gas station though. That adorable little blue cars reminds me of one of my favorite old disney cartoons.

The Cranes said...

I think I'm still envious of that car of yours! I had a green galaxy in college and we used to say it was called that because it was roughly the same size as a galaxy! It was a very ugly car but boy, did it have power! They don't build engines like that any more. But it would never do now, it was a gas guzzler. It met the same fate as your Karmen Ghia--except I was stopped at a stoplight and some crazy college kid took a turn too fast and skidded into me--totally the car but thankfully not harming me. Not too surprising--that thing was a tank!

My husband likes to crank up tunes from our dating days when we are driving with the whole family in the mini-van. Our kids just roll their eyes and slide down in their seats in embarrassment while the two of us rock out!

Lene said...

I drove a pickup truck in high school. My dad thought that it was safer and I wouldn't be able to cram too many people in it. Wrong. When I was away at school my brother wrapped it around a telephone pole. So much sadness. In college I drove...oh right my parents sent me to school without a car.

MaryRC said...

I love your rockin out picture ;) The hair looks great! I always cruise with loud rock tunes, today it was VanHalen, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Roxette and Prince. I also love that you have a pic of the officer who pulled u over..

Sarah said...

My first car was a convertible 1976 Superbeatle. I miss it so much. I too have moved on my own people mover, but I look back on those high school days with a happy sense of nostalgia.

Dacia said...

What a cute post and a cute car. I never even had my own car until I was married, but that's probably a good thing :) You ARE rockin' in your people mover!

Miss Risa's House said...

Your so spoiled! LoL I your own sister older than you of 14 mon. Drove a huge dodge van ,15 passenger I might add! a El camino very embarassing! Not 2 mention everyone always picked me up on the side of the road cuz I was always broken down. hahah good times cant complain 2 much I also got 2 drive the mustang.I really loved that car.

Andrea said...

I drove an 1976 AMC Concord. My nephew called that car "The Roach" because we tried several time to kill it and it never would die. That car sure humbled us, but there were many good times and memories with that car.

lelly said...

i can't believe the photo of the police officer!! that must be some scrapbook :)

rock out, girl!

Bren's Life said...

What a fun little car. You are just too cute. Love your rockin out 80's music