Monday, November 24, 2008

Did I say it was time for change? Well this isn't what I meant...

"The youth of this generation have a greater capacity for obedience than any previous generation" ~Neal A Maxwell

(...a few of our girls during our "paper project runway" activity)
"God has reserved spirits for this dispensation who have the courage and determination to face the world and all the powers of the evil one, visible and invisible, to proclaim the Gospel and maintain the truth and establish and build up the Zion of our God fearless of all consequences. He has sent these spirits in this generation to lay the foundation of Zion never more to be overthrown and to raise up a seed that will be righteous and that will honor God and honor Him supremely and be obedient to Him under all circumstances." ~George Q. Cannon
For almost two years I have had the privilege of working in the Young Women's organization with some of our Father in Heaven's greatest spirit children. The youth of today are the most valiant, righteous and obedient of any other generation. The opposition they face is staggering and yet they do it with such strength and determination, with complete faith, hope and allegiance to their Savior and His teachings. It's awe inspiring and I love them all so much.
That is why I was left with a very heavy heart yesterday when I, our President, and most of the advisers were released from our callings. It is so hard knowing that I will no longer be working with our amazing girls twice a week. I will miss them terribly.
We all, the leaders and the girls, had a major cry fest at church with many hugs and tears, but I feel confident turning them over to their new leaders, outstanding women who will take very good care of them. I am bummed though that I won't be with them on Wednesday nights for Twilight talk anymore. We've been talking Twilight since the books came out and now that we've all finally seen the movie I won't be there to yak about it with them. No fair. Oh well I guess Marlee and Paige will just have to come home with a report for me each week.
Change is good and I know that other wonderful experiences await me, but for now I am oh so sad.


TheShumWAYS said...

How sad- lucky though that you got to serve while they were in there... I am sure you will get called again when Easton and Jamie are in YW. Can't wait to see you guys...