Friday, March 28, 2008


My scanner isn't working so I couldn't get any pictures of my diapered bottom babies, but here's my Waylon at crawling age.

While reflecting about the fact that Landon is 17 now and about how fast time goes by, I remembered a poem that I recently wrote. It won 2nd place in a contest, but even with that I still get nervous about sharing my writing. But since it expresses how I feel about life and motherhood, especially now with my kids growing up, I'll go ahead and share it.

Diapered bottom crawling past.
I’m saddened that these days won’t last.
I smile before my first tear lands.
With each milestone shared my love expands.

Diapered bottom to toddling steps,
Understanding to greater depths.
New foods explored, new words conveyed,
First haircut, first lost tooth, first school day.

Team sports and concerts, new talents to cheer.
More time on the phone and in front of the mirror.
Bike rides to car keys, cooties to prom—
Cherished moments continue on.

College, career, marriage to friend,
New love, new home, a new life begins.
Life’s milestones come full circle at last
As a diapered bottom again crawls past.


CrabbyFamily said...

I am so happy you share! It's what keeps me coming back. It is quite lovely!