Friday, March 7, 2008


Yesterday Waylon fell off of the kitchen bench and landed headfirst on the hardwood floor. About an hour later he became very lethargic and started throwing up. He put his head in his hands and cried that his head hurt then he fell asleep and refused to wake up. I called the doctor and they told me to take him to the ER. He threw up several more times at home, in the car and at the hospital. When the triage nurse saw how out of it he was she sent him straight back to be examined. The doctor ordered a CT scan and they gave him some medicine to stop the vomiting. Just as they were taking him to xray the nurse gave him some stickers and he yelled out in excitement, "Look I got a pooh bear!" It was his first sign of life all morning and I was thinking, ok never mind I think he's fine now. And sure enough the CT scan came back normal. He just had a mild concussion. Oh well, better safe than sorry. Rick and I joked, "Well that could have paid for a trip to Disneyland." Or Disney World as the case may be. I'm not familiar with just how much a CT scan costs, but we'll be finding out soon. There are many wonderful perks to being self employed, health insurance not being one of them. The important thing is that Waylon is still his happy, healthy self. We are very blessed and for this I am grateful.


Heath & Cedar Skinner said...

Poor Waylon! Heaths knows how he feels, hes had like 17 in his lifetime. Thank goodness for POOH!! Did you have to go into Show Low? I bet that drive felt like forever! Get better soon Waylon!

CrabbyFamily said...

Holy Cow, my heart was a flutter reading that... Get better big guy.
The joy of hard flooring, huh! Sometimes I think anyone under the age of 7 should be required to wear a helmet while walking on it.

The Cranes said...

Hi Jeanette, my cousin! Your mom just gave me your blog address so I am checking it out. I'm glad Waylon is O.K. That sounded scarey. I just started a blog last month and I am addicted. I can't believe how much our lives are alike right now. I am moaning about moving from the valley and dealing with snow, am happy about my almost 16 years of blissful marriage, and I even have a story on my blog about my son and a possible concussion. If you want to go to my blog, ask your mom for my address. I didn't realize you were struggling so much with your move. Sorry it's tough--I feel your pain! Amy