Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Heidi...

Heidi___________________ Me
Not our most glamorous day. We were hanging out at a picnic with my extended Johnson family. Love our little Micky Mouse cowboy hats, but hate my hair. The summer after my sophomore year I shaved the sides and back of my hair (gotta love those crazy 80s) and I spent the rest of my high school career trying to grow it back out. I believe this picture was taken my junior year at Easter time.


In the new April issue of O magazine (yes I bought it. It's my first one I swear) there is a whole section devoted to friendship. Well my very best, bestest friend from high school and beyond was Heidi Smith. (we used to go dancing--my favorite--and when we'd meet guys and tell them our names were Heidi Smith and Jeanette Johnson, they'd tell us that if we were going to make up names we should get more creative). Anyway we were peas in a pod, inseparable, until we got married and busy and lost our crazy, fun connection. But I still love her and will always consider her my dearest friend. So here's a happy birthday shout out to my friend Heidi. Now we're the same age (in numbers) until August when I will be older once again (I know, I know I'm always older, but right now you can't tell because our numbers are the same) I talked to her today and no matter how long we go between visits, we always pick up where we left off and talk forever. Man did we have some good times together. Maybe my next book should be-- Contempo Confidential, The True Confessions of Jeanette and Heidi--but then again it would probably only be funny to us. And embarrassing? Please...