Monday, March 31, 2008

Dream shoes?

I've had many interesting dreams in my life--strange, scary, magical, exciting, thrilling, even steamy. Then there are dreams that have actually taught me something or allowed me to talk to my loved ones who are not here anymore, those are my favorite. I love to analyze dreams. It's fun to try to figure out what they all mean, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why I had a dream about these shoes. A dream about shoes--not so hard to figure out, I love shoes, but why did I dream about these particular shoes?
It happened Friday night as I slept at my mom's house in "the valley". I dreamt that I went to DSW shoes (the greatest shoe store ever, I'm salivating just thinking about it) and walked back to the clearance section (DSW has the best clearance section--the only thing better than shoes are shoes on sale). I looked through all of the shoes then found a cute pair of white shoes with black trim, almost identical to the shoes pictured above. I bought them and we lived happily ever after.
Saturday morning I woke up early to go to yard sales, heaven, and didn't give my dream another thought. Until...
We were out shopping and Rick said, "Do you want to go to DSW?"
"I really shouldn't." was my reply, but from the backseat my clone Paige was saying, "Yes, yes, yes. We want to go to DSW!"
So I said, "Well maybe I could just go look around for a little bit."
Paige and I oohed and ahhed at all of the shoes on our way back to the clearance section, then the hunt began. I tried on so many cute shoes it hurt (I wanted them all). Then deja vu, the shoes from my dream. I tried to put them down, but they kept calling me back. When Rick came over from Circuit City to see if I was ever coming out, I showed him the shoes and said, "I had a dream about these last night."
He said, "That's a good one. I haven't heard that one before." I told him I was serious. I really had dreamt about them. So I bought them (they were on clearance after all) but it's too early to say if we will live happily ever after.
But I'm still trying to figure out why I dreamt about them. If I had seen white shoes with black trim before it would be understandable, but to my knowledge I have never seen shoes like these. I've never aspired to have shoes like these. So what the heck? Does it mean something? Please give me your best analysis. I'd love to know.

Now here's a nightmare. This is how Jamie woke up for church Sunday morning. She fell asleep while playing with silly putty on the way home from "the valley" Saturday night. Good times.


Melinda said...

That looks so gross! I'm glad it is silly putty though because it looks like a bald spot! Was it hard to get out? Melinda~

Jeanette said...

It actually looked like her brain was exposed. It was like Sixth Sense when the boy says, "Come here, I'll show you where my dad keep his gun." then turns around to show his blown off head. She looked so sweet as we exchanged our morning hellos then she turned around and I screamed. It was very hard to get out and she has some short, stubby hairs to prove it.

CrabbyFamily said...

LOVE your shoes. My feet are not cut out for cute shoes. I love heels, but my feet hate hate hate them. Goodness knows I try. I even speak to my feet "Feet don't fail me now!" But they never ever listen. If only my feet had ears. Instead they only like flats with some kind of support.... BORING! Ugh! Whats a girl to do? Its like I have man feet or something!

Okay, yeah that looks like a nightmare alright. I couldn't figure what that was, creepy pic! I glad it was only silly putty..

Bren's Life said...

Oh my Goodness!! That had to hurt.. How did you get it out? I would of screamed too!
Your dream - Wow. I have no idea but that is so strange. I will now have to follow your blog very closely to see what happens with these shoes. Maybe they will take you someplace you've always wanted to go!
Join in on SPT - I really enjoy it!