Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm feeling a little snotty...


Yes I am still suffering with allergies and walking around with tissue stuffed up my nose (it's a good look dontcha think) but I'm also feeling a little snotty about the fact that I am so behind on blog reading.

My husband doesn't generally read my blog, but when I directed him to it this weekend (to show him something--I don't remember what) he noticed that I occasionally post pictures of myself on it and, because he kinda likes me, this piqued his interest. So I guess he decided to do a little blog hopping (mostly to St. Johns friends--where the above picture was taken by the way) while I got Waylon to sleep last night.

When we both finally retired to our own bed he started talking about how this friend or that was doing this, that or the other and I said, "What? Where did you see that?"

"On her blog." He told me.

And so I checked my handy, dandy blog reading list this morning and realized just how far behind I am. I guess that's what happens when you take a break from the computer to "find yourself". I'm way behind on emails too (sorry Mary, I would have loved to have seen you in Payson).

So this week I am gonna try to play catch-up while still maintaining balance in my life. I need to visit old friends and check out the blogs of new friends, who so generously read and comment on my ramblings, and follow up on emails and find the perfect fabulous fun time for my fabulous friend who is the newest member of the fabulously forty club, and... well you get the picture.

And maybe, just maybe, when I get all of this done I won't feel so snotty anymore (in my heart that is. I don't think the snot in my nose will ever go away. I really don't).

P.S. I asked Rick if he is going to start blogging now and he said, Heeeck no (those of you who know him know what he really said) but when I clarified that I meant only reading blogs and not writing one he said, maybe.


MaryRC said...

I'm super behind too. I need to post something. But ... I got nuttin!

Marcie said...

Ryan likes to read people's blogs as well. It kind of cracks me up.

It seems as if everyone is struggling to blog lately. I'm not seeing many updates. Hopefully they are all out having fun. But then again, maybe they are all just hiding from the wind and the pollen.

Lene said...

Sorry about the allergies. As I get older mine don't seem as bad.

I can totally relate to being behind. I have over 500 items in my reader...and people just keep posting. I may never catch up!

Shellie said...

Hee hee, my husband never reads mine let alone anyone else's. I'm behind too...