Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy (spice)...

So yesterday was kind of a dark day for awhile. It was. I felt way less than awesome yesterday and thought that I must truly give up blogging because if I had to hear myself say even one more sentence I was gonna barf. Seriously throw up people.
So I went to my Father in Heaven and told him that I was feeling way less than awesome and that I felt pretty much like a nothing loser with pretty much nothing but loser-esque things to say and that I sorta felt like I needed to stop talking altogether because who am I anyway...

And that's when he gave me a big bear hug like only he can and told me that he thought I was a pretty awesome girl indeed. And well...

Who am I to argue with that?

So thanks to all who gave me a pep talk yesterday. I didn't really mean to fish for that. I was just kinda venting to myself a bit. But I thank you anyway for being so sweet.
...hey goofball, when you vent on a blog it's not to yourself. When will you learn that?

Anyway, on to lighter and brighter things...

Last night I was visiting with Marlee when she said, "That's so lame sauce."
I said, "Lame sauce? Are you Lauren?" And then I said, "No wait, Lauren says lamespice and you said lame sauce."

She then asked, "Who's Lauren?"

And I said, "You know the cute newlywed (that's what I call her)."

"Oh, you mean busy bee Lauren?" She asked.

"Yes. She's so cute." I answered. "She's my favorite young person."

And then Marlee laughed at me because I must be old to have a "favorite young person" but whatever.

But Lauren is my favorite super cute young newlywed person. She is. Her blog reminds me of those oh so fun newlywed days. You must check it out. You must check it out by clicking right here because I know you will love her.

And right now she is having an awesome (spice) giveaway over on her blog. Just look what you can win...


Is this not the cutest headband ever (and yes I get an extra chance to win by mentioning it, but I had planned to post about BBL at some point anyway because she is my favorite young person after all). Busy Bee Lauren makes and sells super cute headbands like these, which is another reason to go visit her blog. So go. You know you want to. You could say I sent you, but she doesn't know who I am so it won't help but whatever.


Tara McClendon said...

Glad to see today is looking up for you. Thanks for sharing the happy spice.