Monday, June 15, 2009

Torn between two loves...

I woke up early this morning, excited to get my day going. I thought I would start by making my bed with my new thrift store find summer bedding (yes it's freshly washed you sillies, and deliciously shabby chic) followed by a quick mop of the kitchen floor so that I could put out the new rugs I found at Target.
Thrift stores? Target? Could this mean...? Yes it does. We took a trip to civilization this weekend and it was fabulous. We stayed in a brand new hotel out by our old neighborhood, shopped, swam, went to the science center, hit some yard sales and ate lots of yummy food. It was a much needed vacation and we all had a glorious time.
We also saw our old friends and neighbors the Johnson's and even though all of our kids have grown up SO MUCH, we were able to pick up right where we had left off. Which made me realize what a lame friend I have been (to all of my friends) and that I really need to do better at keeping in touch. So Heidi, please, please really come see us this month. Did I say please?
So anywho, I woke up early this morning ready to play with all of my new treasures when I suddenly realized that today was the day I promised to start working out again. Bluck!
But I did it. I did it for Hugh (Marlee says, "Mom he's married." And I say, "I know, so am I." I don't want to hook up with the man I would just like a meeting of the eyes and for us to share mutual admiration for one another and our amazing will power in obtaining such awesomely hot, hard bodies. That's all, nothing more.) but about five minutes into my workout I started wondering if perhaps I had chosen the wrong role model. I thought maybe Paula Deen might be my gal.

Just think of it, we could hang out and eat yummy food together while laughing about our jiggly belly fat and clogged arteries.

Doesn't that sound like more fun? It does to me. Especially because I still have half a loaf of our friend Joseph's super delicious homemade bread calling me from the kitchen (extra butter and jam are calling too). So do I want to be jolly, round and well fed or hard, hot and hungry? Hmm, I must want something in between because I DID finish my workout today (with my angry wolverine face on) and now I'm going to go finish that bread (that's right, I said finish it. All of it.)
Oh Paula, oh Hugh, my love is equal for both of you, it really is. Oh wretched fickle girl that I am. What ever shall I do?


Anonymous said...

We drove by Paula Dean's restaurant in Savannah. I thought about how fun it would be to eat there then tell you all about it, but alas, the line was way too long..and you know me and "fat free". I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it knowing of all that butter inside. I did think about you,though. Never saw Xman so can't comment on that one :-/

Stoddard Family said...

Wouldn't that be great if we could put her on our wall? I love that you refer to it as civilization too, that is what we say at our house. I have made a few too many trips to target myself this last week. I wish we could just get a Costco, Target and a Ross, then I think I could be a little happier.

Housewife Savant said...

I love the brilliance! Can Hugh slice bread with those claws?

MaryRC said...

housewife savant really has a point, i think you can totally marry the two loves.

Jessica said...

Mmmmm... butter...

At least Paula's got cool hair. (Ok Wolverine has cool hair too, but I can't aspire to having his hair when I'm older)

Heidi said...

I am definitely planning a visit! Will let you know when as soon as I know what we are doing! Our plans have been turned upside down this summer so we are now in the process of replanning(is that even a word?)Anyhoo, let me know when and if you will be out of town anytime soon so we don't miss each other. Love ya, and can't wait to see you!

Heidi said...

PS- As usual, love your blog posts, and your layout is super duper cute! I have to admit I am just to darn lazy to be a faithful blogger, but I do love reading them!

Marcie said...

This would be MY plan, sit aroud eating Paula's food while watching X-man movies... It's perfect!