Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hometown inspiration...

Rick and I took a trip to his hometown of St Johns today. I have always loved St Johns. It's a great town with great people. And in speaking to Rick's high school sweetie poo today (great girl), she said that if we had picked St Johns to live out our small town experience we would probably be much happier because St Johns is quite superior to where we live now. And you know, I think she might be right because St Johns people are so super stinkin nice. They really are. Some of my favorite blog friends are St Johns gals. They're fabulous. Fabulous I tell you. I got to see a couple of them today, so lovely.
Of course living by the temple, family, and friends (not to mention the fact that we will NEVER be able to sell our house for what we payed for it) will probably be enough to keep me right where I am for a very long time. And that's okay because this place really isn't all that bad and when I get over being homesick I'm sure I'll be just fine.
We went to St Johns to attend a funeral and though it is always sad when someone dies, I have to say that funeral was so edifying for me. What an amazing, inspirational man. I came away a better person from hearing about him. I really did.
I could do a whole long post on why I feel this way, but instead I'll just share one of his favorite quotes that has now become one of my favorite quotes:
"There are two kinds of people on the planet. The first just sits on the bank of the river wondering what will happen...Watching as life drifts by.
The second is on the river rowing the boat-- creating a wondrous and magical reality."
See what I mean, In-spi-ra-tion-al.


Cedar said...

This is to funny because just last night (as we were playing cards with some fam) Heath told them the only other place we'd live is St. Johns.

Wanna move with us?? Just get a tent like we have been talking about and we can make our own tent city in St. Johns.:)

Marcie said...

Thanks for the kind words about good ole St. Johns. After the events of the past year, we certainly need a few champions.

Funny how the grass is always greener on the other side....every time I go to Snowflake I am jealous because it is such a pretty town.

And if you ever do buy that tent you can always set it up in my backyard.

Rachel said...

It was so fun to see you in person! You are as beautiful in person as you are on your blog! I appreciate that you posted great things about SJ. You know it has to be great because rick is from there and he is a super cool guy!
My sister and I were talking in the car and she said I think she would be so great here in town. She would have tons of friends she is so nice and friendly! I agree. Too bad you picked snowflake! It is a little bigger though and I know that is what you are wanting.
Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to move home!

Shayla said...

I don't know you personally, but I grew up with Rick. I loved your post. Thanks for coming to my dad's funeral. Your post here made me smile.