Friday, June 5, 2009

Simply lovely...

Some time ago I received this Lovely Blog Award, twice, which made me feel very loved. First my good friend Mary gave it to me, then another came from a new friend, Bahama Shores Mama. I ask you, how nice is that?
I must confess that I didn't pass on the award like I was supposed to because I'm still a wee bit computer illiterate when it comes to all of the bells, whistles and fancy tricks of blogging. For example I don't know how to show a link to another blog without writing out the entire blog address. I have to put when all I really want is a simple "Mary" link.
I'm sure it would be a very easy thing to learn if only someone would teach me (hint, hint). But in the meantime I wanted to at least acknowledge the generosity of these two lovely ladies. Thank you lovely ladies for this lovely award. I very, very much appreciate it.


Jessica said...

When you are writing your post there is a button up by the type size & font & color buttons. This button is a green circle a white oval-y thing at the top. It also says "link" if you mouse over it :) Click on it and paste your link in the URL window. Oh, first type out your word like "Mary" in your post, then highlight it, then click the link button, then paste your link in the window, then click OK. I hope that's not confusing.

Missy :o) said...

um, ya, i was gonna say the same thing. :o)