Saturday, June 6, 2009


What's better than listening to live music at a small cafe with a few of your favorite people?

When the live music is being performed by your very own son.

He's so very brave and so very talented.
And I'm so very grateful that he didn't inherit my chicken gene.
How 'bout you? Could you get up and sing in front of strangers?
If the answer is yes then come on down to Hebrews Cafe, because they're going to be starting a new karaoke night (watch for the information banners). How fun is that? I'm so tempted to add humiliation by karaoke to my "Fabulous by Forty" list. Would that be broadening my horizons or what. I need to do it. I so need to do it.
But I won't.
Oh no I will not.
But I really should just to say I did.
Anyone want to come with me?


Jessica said...

What talented children you have!!! I've played guitar & sang once in a coffeeshop setting like that, and twice for ward activities, and in ten years, that's all I've performed in public. Only because I'm really not that good. I don't play much with all my other motherly responsiblities. But karaoke is FUN! and Guitar Hero World Tour. You just need to pick a song you know well enough & nobody cares if you mess up a little. Even if you slaughter it, those always made for humorous scenes in the movies!!

Housewife Savant said...

Bawk, bawk, bawk, ba-gawk.
That means "No WAY could I do it."

My girls got their love of performing from their fearless PastorDad.

I'd rather lose a limb than get up in front of a crowd.

holly shaw said...

Yes we went camping it was fun and now i'm fried but i learned how to make post come a few days after I write them so I thought it would be fun to update my blog while I'm away

Marcie said...

I'm afraid that the cafe would be liable when I busted someone's ear drum...

But you should do it!

Miss Risa's House said...

No way would I or could I ! Landon you rock!

MaryRC said...

its been so long since ive been here, wassup?? lookit lando go, you need to post some video of this..

you just need to come and karaoke with us in boulder city, its not public its a small group of bad singers, you'll fit right in, but only if you sing badly.