Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letting the love in...

(this is an old picture. note my dark hair. and now the broken fragments of this fabulous mug
that I LOVED reside in a landfill somewhere far away. sadness)

Once upon a time when I lived in Idaho during the bitter, bitter winter months--my roommates and I would drink peppermint herbal tea by the gallon (remember those GINORMOUS insulated mugs from Maverick?) and we loved it. It was the perfect ritual to warm our bones and unwind after a long day of study (ha, did I say study...).

I was reminded of this favorite ritual of days gone by when I visited one of my favorite sites, Best Life by Design: HeatherMadder.com, this morning and watched THIS MESSAGE.

Something came alive in me when I read Heather's words, "Because if you are not going to allow the things in your life that you love who else will?"

"HELLO..." I said to myself,

then made a cup of peppermint tea.


p.s. you need to watch THIS MESSAGE from Heather too. So good.


Miss Risa's House said...

Thank you! I love jewlery! especialy my friends jewlery that she makes!check out her blog! my neckcandy.blogspot.com .I was lucky to get to go to a trunk show she was having last night and every thing there was so fabulous,it make me just so happy! left feeling guilty that I bought some items. Now Im glad I did .we all need to have what makes us happy! : ) Right? Wish you were with me !You would have loved and been so happy with too!

Marcie said...

I think it's a great reminder that we have to pamper ourselves with the little things occasionally. In the winter, I love to sit outside and let the sun warm my face. But so often I'm just running from one responsibility to another. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and let love in.