Friday, January 28, 2011

I almost threw him into the chokey...


This is me.

Only it's not really me. It's really Rhea Pearlman from "Matilda", my all time favorite movie btw.

I only say it's me because this is how I look during sleeping hours now.

It all started when my husband bought a new space heater for our bedroom (we sleep in an icebox) that shines like the sun at noon day. Rick says it's a, "soft glow" but I think he's a little bit crazy and the "soft glow" was keeping me up every night, making me a lot a bit crazy. It was bad people, really bad, and on the verge of threatening our domestic bliss.


I remembered that one of my children had gifted me a shnazzy dollar store sleeping mask last year for Christmas (mine is embroidered with closed eyes), and now all is well and blissfully blissful once again.

p.s. our Matilda DVD broke some time ago, making me very sad. But I ordered a new one on Amazon (only 6 bucks) and it should be coming today. JOY.

Am I a nerd for liking that movie so much? Or do you love it too?

Come on, the Trunchbull is GENIUS.


The Cranes said...

I haven't even seen that movie--sounds like I need to watch it. I get woken up by the sun coming up even just a tiny bit (on the rare mornings I am still sleeping when the sun arises.) So I'd probably have the same trouble with a "glowing" space heater. I have a sleeping mask, too, but I don't think about it when I go to sleep at night--it's dark then! Mine is just plain, though, no embroidered eyes!

Marcie said...

I laughed when I saw the title of your post. My autistic student LOVES that movie and recites it on a regular basis. Sometimes I tease him that I'm going to throw him in the gets him to giggling.

Lene said...

Love Matilda...but the chocolate cake scene is so sick.