Monday, January 24, 2011

Lets fly...


(remember my poster? Well I'm showing it to you again today to say, "See that bird in the upper left corner? That's me, breaking free from my cage.")

While folding socks this morning I watched a show about the leper colonies in India and was very moved by it.

Aside from the obvious point that I need to do more to help out in this big old wide world I also gained tidbits of knowledge to help in my own growth and development. I jotted a few things down that jumped out at me and I'll share them with you now (btw, I've been trying to take notes while watching TV (of the uplifting variety) and I highly recommend it).

Hopefully these will make sense because I'm going to share them just as they appear in my notebook. is a series of choices that lead us to who we are.

...these can alter the very concept of who I am.

...they had no faith in themselves.

...they were stuck in their colonies, wasting their true potential.

I want to talk about this last one for a minute. Have we not all placed ourselves in one colony or another of our own creation? I know I have created my own "leper colony" of sorts where I hide myself away from reaching my full potential. My colony consists of those self defeating words such as, "I can't" or "I'll never". To leave my colony is to be exposed and vulnerable. To leave means that I have to be willing to fail as well as succeed (and sometimes the thought of succeeding can be just as scary).

I know I can stay in my colony forever, begging and borrowing life's accomplishments and joys from the works of others or I can stand up, leave, and create the life that I really want to experience and in turn be able to share those experiences with those around me.

A few more notes to share were these:

...they gained the dignity of earning their own living.

...the dignity is more important than the money.

I so badly want to gain the dignity that comes from going out and earning those life gifts that have been so generously bestowed upon me by a loving creator. And I dare say that I want it badly enough to really do something about it TODAY. That's right.

So if you happen to come across a trail of bandages littering the pathway of life, you'll know it's just me, freed from my colony and walking toward wholeness.

Want to come?


holly shaw said...

I watched that same show this morning. It was amazing!! I was telling nate all about it while he was getting ready for work. It was very amazing what the lady did and who she helped. I want to be her

Jessica B Photography said...

You are so fantastic. I love your imagery.

Shellie said...

I'm in! Got a box of bandaids, will travel.