Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Desperate in the bedroom...

I stayed up late watching "In the Bedroom with Dr Laura Ber-something or other" last night on the OWN network (Oprah's new gig). Why? Because it sucked me in when I had finished watching "Searching for..." (a show about finding lost loved ones. I'm a sucker for that stuff) and I couldn't stop watching it even though it's a show about a couple's dysfunctional love life in the bedroom. Hence the name. Why I felt the need to stay up late watching a show about a couple's dysfunctional love life is beyond me. But I did it anyway.

But this post isn't about that exactly. What it's about is something that was said on that show about the bedroom in general. The couple said they felt depressed every time they came into their bedroom and Dr Laura said that made her sad when couples say that.

Then I thought--well I feel depressed every time I come into my bedroom too Dr. Laura.
Only my depression has nothing to do with my love life so I'm guessing she probably wouldn't care.

What I suffer from is a bad case of decor depression. It's a well known fact (because sometimes I'm a whiner baby) that I hate my bedroom. Hate it. It's a terrible layout so the furniture only fits in one way (and I happen to hate the one way it fits in) and it's dark, gloomy, depressing and sad. So what do you think of that Dr. Laura?

I need a bedroom makeover. But I'm not really sure what I want. Part of me likes the idea of a simple, minimalist room with not much going on and lots of empty floor space (of course my room's too small for lots of empty floor space but whatever).



But a different part of me likes a room where my eyes can flit around like a happy little bird with several textures and colors to land on.


(I know this isn't a bedroom, but just look at all of those textures and colors. joy.)

So here I find myself, decor depressed and desperate (okay so maybe not desperate but still).

Maybe I should call out a favor from that storage unit guy I sleep with and put all but my mattress in storage, start with a clean pallet and see what I come up with.

And call me crazy, but that pink is really speaking to me. I wonder if that storage unit guy would still sleep with me in a pink bedroom. Hmm...


Marcie said...

I'm depressed everytime I go into my bedroom because it is DIRTY! I keep thinking that I'd love to have it decorated like my own little sanctuary-but that would require me to start with a clean room...and there goes my never-ending cycle.

Heidi J said...

If I lived there I would come help you! I love redoing things (with what you've already got). that's not to say I'm good at it per say, but I would still come help you. Good luck with it! (NO PINK!!!) :)

Miss Risa's House said...

I love every single one of those rooms!!!!!! The first one I think should be the winner! I think it's perfect for your room Perfect I tell you. P.S. I read pink is the new in color right now did you know that? Ha : )

Bren's Life said...

Man if I would of known it was on I would of probably stayed up too... And I feel the same way as you about my bedrm. I am a horrible decorator & have no idea how to arrange our rm. Plus I have a habit of throwing things in the corners or on top of the night stands.... I bet your rm is totally cute!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's your decor & not your husband? Maybe he needs to watch that show with you next time.

BTY happy anniversary tomorrow babe.